WWE RAW: Sep 26th, 2016 – Results and highlights

Here are 4 vital reasons because Clash of Champions final night’s RAW were disappointing.

Even before a compare began, there was no doubt that Owens was approaching to come out still champion – by offshoot or by crook. We do see good performances and sparkling matches here and there, though there is literally no one in womanlike multiplication who is some-more estimable of holding a Championship other than Charlotte.

After Rusev mislaid his US Championship during Clash of Champions, he invoked his re-match proviso on Monday Night RAW. The whole indicate of putting a dual by a horrible array of 7 matches was to justly establish who was many honourable of a pretension shot. This compare was not a warn as Nia Jax went over on Fox.

But The New Day would divided with their titles once again, as Kofi followed adult a hurricane DDT from a tip wire on Anderson with Trouble in Paradise. Another featured compare was between The New Day and a Club for a Tag Team Championship. New Day has reason a tab pretension for over 400 days and is stability to hold. Sure, there were a integrate messy moments, though what WWE fans got was an interesting cruiserweight match.

T.J Perkins degraded Brian Kendrick by acquiescence to keep a WWE Cruiserweight Title. This tiny adversary is distant from over. She bragged about winning a compare on Sunday night and being a best women’s wrestler… ever. After a infamous brawl, a compare was called a no competition by a arbitrate and medical personnel.

Chris Jericho degraded Sami Zayn when “The Underdog from a Underground” quickly seized a movement with a Blue Thunder Bomb, though Jericho stopped Zayn in his marks with a well-timed Codebreaker to go on to victory.

Just as expected, these women unequivocally know how to make a compare demeanour good. Since Banks was not pinned in a triple hazard match, she is still due her one-on-one rematch for a championship.

So, naturally, one would design during slightest one pretension change, right? It’s Roman Reign’s signature never give adult opinion that got him a win. Rusev practical a Accolade during a 16-minute mark, though Reigns powered out. This rematch is holding place reduction than 24 hours after Reigns won a belt, so it would be an impressively brief power (no joke intended) if Rusev wins a pretension back. It was astonishing nonetheless not startling to see Chris Jericho interfere. They’re so brilliant, in fact, that they could do truly good things as a incompatible span and, again, he only can’t mount to remove one of them. There were damaged announce tables and Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins giving a sentimental “Suck It” gesticulate towards any other. As Rollins attempted to revitalise a referee, Stephanie McMahon came out with a second referee.


Owens would finish a compare off with a combo clothesline and powerbomb on Enzo, pinning a realest man in a ring for a full three-count and finale RAW for a night.

Seth Rollins harmed according to rumours after WWE Clash of Champions