World War II Vet Donald Malarkey, Portrayed In ‘Band Of Brothers’ Dies At 96


And now we remember a member of Easy Company. That’s a U.S. Army’s famed E-Company featured in a HBO miniseries “Band of Brothers.”


Donald Malarkey was one of those brothers. He died final week. But 73 years ago, Malarkey was in a craft over France, hunched underneath rigging and a parachute, watchful to jump. It was D-Day – Jun 6, 1944.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: Mass squadrons of bombers and transports led a way, some-more than 11,000 planes spearheading a attack.

BOB WELCH: Men are scared. They’re throwing up. The craft is too low. They’re out of position.

KELLY: That’s Bob Welch. He co-wrote a book with Malarkey.

WELCH: And suddenly, they’re only diving into a night and not meaningful where they’re going to land. It was sum chaos.

KELLY: Easy Company landed miles from where they were ostensible to. Their goal was to take out German artillery.

WELCH: It was hugely poignant since a guys were being battered as they came in from a surf.

SIEGEL: And Easy Company succeeded. Then Malarkey and his crew pushed by France to a Netherlands, into Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

WELCH: They’re in a cold and sleet during Bastogne. He’s only seen dual of his buddies have their legs blown off. His best friend, Skip Muck, is dead. And he’s station around a campfire, thinking, if we only put a bullet by my foot, they’ll have to send me behind to England. And he considers that. But he doesn’t do it because, he says, if we go back, it’s easier for me, though it’s harder for a group we leave behind.

SIEGEL: Donald Malarkey spent 172 days on a front lines, some-more than any other male in Easy Company.

KELLY: For his actions, a U.S. gave Donald Malarkey a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. Malarkey got married, had a family. He became an Oregon county commissioner. Later he worked in word and genuine estate.

SIEGEL: Here’s Donald Malarkey of Easy Company vocalization in 2009 to Oregon Public Broadcasting.


DONALD MALARKEY: You can demeanour behind and with good honour comprehend that we had finished a really poignant thing and acted responsibly in what amounted to saving a world.

KELLY: Malarkey died Sep 30 in Oregon. He was 96 years old.

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