Who Will Win Super Bowl 51

Now that some-more than half a 2016 NFL deteriorate in a books, a transparent pecking sequence has emerged. We can take batch of each team’s station and offer a picks for discussion and Super Bowl champions.

These are a picks for such honors. All contingency shown are Super Bowl chances, and they come pleasantness of Bovada. And while both they and group annals matter, they’re not everything. We’re meddlesome usually in singling out a teams many able of representing their particular discussion in a biggest games. Their record doesn’t matter, so prolonged as they form as a playoff group during all.

AFC Championship Game

New England Patriots (+200)


Were we awaiting anyone else?


The New England Patriots are once again opposed for a best record in a NFL. They have a top-six offense, even nonetheless quarterback Tom Brady missed a initial 4 games of a season, and a top-two defense, even nonetheless they’re not generally learned during forcing takeaways.

Simply put: There’s zero not to like about this team.

More than that, there aren’t that many threats to this team’s reign.

No one in a AFC East, AFC North or AFC South comes tighten to relating a Patriots’ two-way firepower. They are undefeated on a road, and their sole detriment during home came while they were depleted during a quarterback position. There isn’t, as such, a diversion business they can’t handle.

Oakland Raiders (+1600)


The Oakland Raiders are in a five-way tie for a fourth-best Super Bowl odds.

What a time to be alive.

The offense is during a heart of their quick and wilful rise. The Raiders arrange fifth in points scored per diversion and have shown that they can hang with a accumulation of styles. If they need to kick we in a air, low-key MVP claimant Derek Carr will widespread a round around, while still anticipating time to aim wideouts Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper in volume. If they have to kick we on a ground, they’ll carve out holes for using behind Latavius Murray and force a round down your throat.

Even a Raiders’ invulnerability seems to be on a adult and up. They float nearby a bottom 10 of points authorised per game, though they’ve come adult vast in past weeks. Most recently, they close down a reigning champion Denver Broncos, and while their offense isn’t anything special, that gutsy mount did put a Raiders in line for a first-round playoff buy. They are, as of now, a second-best group in a AFC, and there’s zero to advise that’ll change.

They’ve warranted this spot.

NFC Championship Game

Seattle Seahawks (+800)


Despite saying their descent prolongation tumble off a precipice in a arise of Russell Wilson personification banged adult and using behind Thomas Rawls traffic with damage woes, a Seattle Seahawks are still a group to kick in a NFC.

And it’s all since of their defense.

The Seahawks arrange third in points authorised per game. They do an superb pursuit of preventing touchdowns in a air, and their belligerent invulnerability is usually good adequate to force opponents to cruise some-more throws, in hopes of removing propitious on some vast plays, tying a series of carries they see.

It will be easier to sell a Seahawks as comprehensive favorites if, and when, Wilson gets entirely healthy and their flitting conflict approaches respectability. But that’s not positively necessary. Seattle, as now playing, is doing some-more than adequate to interest a explain in Super Bowl candidacy. Anything else they get from a offense—specifically a flitting game—is usually gravy during this point.

New York Giants (+2800)


Wait, what?

Maybe we were awaiting to see a Dallas Cowboys, who are contending with a Patriots for a league’s best record. Or maybe we insincere this mark would be prolonged to a Atlanta Hawks, owners of a NFL’s tip offense. Perhaps we even suspicion a Green Bay Packers, Arizona Cardinals or Carolina Panthers competence get their act together in time acquire an NFC championship bid.

Instead we have a New York Giants, a loyal underdog, but, formed on what’s happened this season, a plain collect all a same.

The Giants’ categorical interest is this: Their offense is, right now, their weakest link. They arrange 24th in points scored per game, overdue in vast partial to a cruddy descent line that doesn’t concede a group to run a round or give quarterback Eli Manning scarcely adequate time on a unchanging basis.

And yet, we have to suppose a offense will figure it out, mostly since of Manning and his low good of receivers, that includes Odell Beckham Jr., Sterling Shephard and Victory Cruz. And once a offense becomes some-more efficient, they’ll partner with a invulnerability that ranks 10th in points authorised per game.

Given a disappearing state of teams like a Cardinals, Panthers, Packers and Vikings, and a fact that usually one of a Cowboys’ wins has come opposite a group that’s now above .500, a Giants form as a many improved collect than many people realize.

Final Predictions


AFC Champion: New England Patriots

NFC Champion: Seattle Seahawks

Super Bowl Champion: New England Patriots