What We Know About The ‘Act Of Terror’ On Manhattan Bike Path


At slightest 8 people were killed in Manhattan currently after a male gathering a rented lorry onto a bustling bicycle path. This happened nearby a World Trade Center Memorial. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio calls it a quite villainous act of terror. On a line with us now is Ayana Harry with WPIX in New York. Thank we for fasten us.

AYANA HARRY: You’re positively welcome. How are you?

SHAPIRO: Fine. Take us by what we know about how this unfolded this afternoon.

HARRY: Sure. Well, we usually happened to be with my photographer during City Hall, that is usually about 3 blocks away. So we immediately usually saw military cars racing past us. And a assignment table began to hear other radio transmissions about a probable active shooter over on a West Side Highway. So we went immediately to a scene. So as shortly as we got here, we spoke to eyewitnesses who pronounced they listened during slightest 4 to 5 gunshots. And they also mentioned saying a Home Depot lorry pushing down a bicycle line for during slightest a retard or two. And a eyewitnesses pronounced that they saw this motorist relocating with speed and apparent intention…

SHAPIRO: It’s sounds…

HARRY: …So it did not…

SHAPIRO: It sounds from what a military have pronounced as yet a fatalities were caused by that automobile and that what a eyewitnesses might have listened as gunshots were in fact from fabrication firearms. Is that unchanging with what you’re saying there?

HARRY: It – well, we do know that a dual guns that a consider had were both fabrication guns. And so he might – so a gunshots might have been from him or from police.

SHAPIRO: We also know that military shot a consider and that he is in custody, that military are not acid for any other suspects. What else can we tell us about what’s function down there in Lower Manhattan right now?

HARRY: Well, during this point, military are – well, one, they have a charge of usually going by this unequivocally gruesome scene. Again, 8 people have been killed. We spoke with an watcher who watched a outpost run over these people. And a usually word he could use to report a stage and these bodies was mangled. So they have, we know – of march they wish to provide a stage with grace and brand these people. So a lot of that is happening. And we know, they’re unequivocally gripping people divided from it. And we also wish to discuss this happened right after school. Stuyvesant High School is right there, and so is a Borough of Manhattan Community College. So many of a eyewitnesses are teens, immature people.

SHAPIRO: It is rather conspicuous to consider that with a genocide fee of during slightest 8 people, this is a misfortune apprehension conflict – if indeed it is a apprehension conflict – in New York City given 9/11.

HARRY: Yes. And a mayor did contend that this was a – they trust an act of apprehension during this point. But there was something that came out of a press lecture a brief time ago that unequivocally stranded out to me – a fact that this took place on a West Side Highway nearby Houston Street during rush hour. So there were already military officers in that area. And those military officers were means to get this consider into control unequivocally quickly. So we know, we are accustomed to saying military officers all over a city, generally during rush hour. And we mean, they were on a stage immediately, means to get a consider into control and also means to get assistance to those people who were badly injured, we know, presumably gripping a genocide fee down. At slightest 11 other people were taken to a sanatorium in critical condition.

SHAPIRO: There is a twitter from President Trump that says, in NYC – looks like another conflict by a unequivocally ill and demented person. Law coercion is following this closely – not in a USA. We also have a matter from a behaving secretary of Homeland Security, Elaine Duke, observant that we have recently seen attacks like this one via a world. Can we contextualize this for us given what you’re saying in front of you?

HARRY: Yeah, we mean, there is really a clarity of startle here. We did have an occurrence a integrate of months ago where there was a motorist going by Times Square. That was not an act of terror. That was someone who was, we know, presumably underneath a change of fake marijuana.

SHAPIRO: All right.

HARRY: But he used his automobile as a weapon. And so, we know, pedestrians have been some-more warning given then, and…

SHAPIRO: Thank we unequivocally much.

HARRY: …You know, it’s usually kind of another reminder.

SHAPIRO: That’s Ayana Harry of WPIX in New York.

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