Westbrook misses triple-double, Thunder kick Grizzlies

In further to averaging a triple-double this season, Westbrook is also set to mangle Oscar Robertson’s record for many triple-doubles in a season.

With a Thunder trailing by one late in a game, Westbrook emptied a low 3-pointer from 26 feet out to give a Thunder a slim 95-93 lead with dual mins left.

Oklahoma City softened to 32-9 this deteriorate when Westbrook gets a triple-double. That means that Robertson had many some-more opportunities to collect rebounds and assists (albeit in a time when assists were postulated some-more sparingly), generally given that he played roughly 10 mins some-more per diversion (44.3 in 1961-62) than Westbrook (34.8).

James Harden, seen by many as a co-favorite for this year’s MVP award, is usually value 7 wins to a Rockets, though that might contend some-more about a Rockets’ register construction than Harden’s turn of play.

“I was in shock, honestly, man. Moments like this we wish to cherish”, Westbrook said.

” But we was usually sitting there thanking God for a event to play”. On tip of that, Westbrook also has a possibility to sign a triple-double normal for a deteriorate by racking adult 16 assists and could bind averaging 30 points with 25 some-more over a subsequent 5 games. Wilt Chamberlain’s 9 games with a triple-double in 1968 is a many in National Basketball Association history.G Victor Oladipo had 15 points, his fifth true diversion with during slightest 13 points. He’ll have a rest of this diversion and 5 some-more to take a chair beside a Big O. Furthermore, for Russ to say a thirty indicate triple-double normal he needs to measure 25 points.This sum includes a 12 points he now has contra a Bucks.

Westbrook had 12 points, 8 rebounds and 8 assists during halftime to assistance Oklahoma City take a 63-39 lead.

“It’s something we could never have dreams of flourishing up”, Westbrook said.

From there, a teams exchanged leads by a center stages of a fourth.

Paul George scored 18 of his 35 points in a third entertain as a Indiana Pacers stopped a debase with a 108-90 win over a Toronto Raptors.

Enes Kanter had a team-high 17 points off a bench, though a day belonged to Westbrook – who strengthened his MVP credentials.

When asked about it, Westbrook downplayed wanting to follow a triple-double and pronounced instead he wanted a miscarry in sequence to tighten out a game.

Not usually has he played each game, though he has given max bid each singular night and has usually cared about a series in a win column.

Marc Gasol led a Grizzlies with 23 points, and Zach Randolph combined 20 points and 9 rebounds. “We need to get behind to a flow”.

“We didn’t play well”, Antetokounmpo said.

“We usually have to try to regroup and work on a game”, Memphis indicate ensure Mike Conley told a Commercial-Appeal.

Kevin Love led a Cavaliers with 28 points and 11 rebounds.


The Washington Wizards finished a three-game losing strain with a 118-111 win over a Charlotte Hornets, significantly denting Charlotte’s gloomy play-off hopes as their three-game winning strain came to an end.