Wave Church ‘Man Up’ Conference Aims to Empower Men

Wave Church

Wave Church is gearing adult for a second annual “Man Up” Men’s Conference. The two-day eventuality kicks off on Friday, Oct 14 during 7:30 pm and continues by Saturday, Oct 15. It is certain to be an implausible time for a group to accumulate and will be hold during Wave Convention Center, 1000 Great Neck Road, Virginia Beach, VA . The discussion facilities implausible music, moving teaching, and fun competitions.

Wave Church and Senior Pastor Steve Kelly will horde a annual “Man Up” Men’s Conference. The eventuality is for males who are high propagandize aged and upward. It is a good eventuality to bond with other men, hear moving messages, and have loads of fun. When vocalization of a conference, Kelly said:

‘Man Up’ Conference exists to inspire and commission group of all walks of life. Our goal is cultivating dreams, lenient Godly men, and equipping people to live improved lives.

The special guest orator for this year’s eventuality is Pastor Bill Scheer from Guts Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Pastor Bill founded Guts Church over 25 years ago with a passion for reaching people who were not being reached differently and to impact them in a suggestive way. With this form of vision, Pastor Bill has a singular and surprising communication character that we trust will be impossibly impactful during “Man Up” Conference.  Pastor Steve, a discussion host, is also a featured orator for this energy packaged event.Wave Church

Kelly is one of a premiere voices of a new era of believers. His personal and unsentimental character of preaching, finish with only a right volume of humor, compliments his sound training and reaches audiences worldwide. His messages describe wish that is built on a contentment of God’s beauty and a present of righteousness. Over a years, Pastor Steve’s method has led thousands of people into a attribute with Jesus Christ, by simply pity a summary of His love, goodness, and grace.

Wave Church’s “Man Up” Conference aims to commission men. Why is this discussion so important? God started all of origination with a masculine – Adam. The rivalry knows if he can conflict a masculine species, he infects humanity. Statistics exhibit that 85 percent of people who are impoverished are men, 90 percent of those that are ignorant are men. There has always been a aim on a backs of group ensuing in 78 percent of all suicides are committed by men. Everything, in one approach or another, rides on a shoulders of genuine men. Wave Church’s “Man Up” Conference is designed to pronounce to a champion that resides in each masculine and commission him to comprehend his purpose and keep him aligned with destiny.

Previous disastrous experiences, improper assumptions, upbringing, and informative stereotypes have caused group dead or generally pacifist in worship. However, group are essential to colourful conceptual worship. They are cruxes on that renovation in ceremony can come to families and a internal church. When group are not actively concerned in corporate ceremony there is something blank causing it is not what it was dictated to be – full-throated, whole-hearted, and full-bodied.

Wave Church

This year’s “Man Up” Conference is designed to strengthen, modernise and commission group as a whole. In further to life-giving messages, they will also knowledge an array of activities such as a lumberjack competition, pickaxe blade throwing, torpedo karaoke and so most more!

Wave Church, along with Pastor Steve Kelly, is vehement to horde “Man Up” Conference and commission men. The two-day eventuality starts Friday, Oct 14 during 7:30 pm and continues by Saturday, Oct 15. To register for “Man Up” Conference 2016, revisit or for some-more information hit Timna Jones during (757) 481-5005 or around email during [email protected]

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


Press Release: Wave Church Annual ‘Man Up’ Conference 2016

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