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If Kevin Lee wouldn’t have been means to make weight, Tony Ferguson woulda fought him during UFC 216 says Tony’s manager. When a label commenced, Lee did an talk with a FS 1 team.

Ferguson and Lee are fighting for a halt belt due to champion Conor McGregor not carrying fought given he prisoner a pretension from Eddie Alvarez during UFC 205 final November.

But Attar says Ferg wasn’t about to let Lee off a offshoot that easy – “If Kevin wanted (to) pierce forward, Tony really did”. We honour ourselves in holding a deeper demeanour into a fighter, and bargain what creates them tick. “My brother-in-law strike me adult and pronounced he’d listened from dispatch about a shootings and for me to be careful”. And we only suffer tiramisu, we ain’t no bitch.

However, both group trust their distinguished is as good as anyone else’s in a multiplication and competence be penetrating to uncover off their skills and go for a knockout to send a summary to a multiplication and champion.

Anyway, congrats to a Tiramisu Liker for removing a UFC and NAC to concede him to vale himself out serve before going adult opposite one of a many well-trained fighters in a UFC. I’m bringing all that, a people that were harmed, that were injured, that are not here anymore. we don’t know. The mind only works opposite when you’re looking during a place [on a news] and we were only there.

That form of dump in a face of Ferguson’s well-respected cardio aptness expected increases Lee’s enterprise to pursue a knockout in a early rounds given a halt pretension quarrel is scheduled for 5 five-minute rounds. “I’m going to outpoint him afterwards I’m going to pin him”.

“When you’re saying, ‘I’ll quarrel anybody, anytime.’ You’re f-king full of shit”.

“It’s not only about being from Las Vegas or from Detroit”. But, we like to quarrel and compete. Ferguson and Lee went back-and-forth trade barbs.


In his 10 uninterrupted pretension defenses, 4 wins are around decision, 4 by acquiescence and dual by knockout. “I like a large plea so he’s got to uncover me a small bit”. “I wish him to live his life”. He’s not a man who is going to be damaged or get down on a cards and unexpected start fighting not to get finished. But, even with a UFC’s preference to continue on, a categorical eventuality competence have scarcely been cancelled as Ferguson’s family scarcely found themselves in a line of fire.