Watch Live: Comey Testifies Before Senate Intelligence Committee

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Former FBI Director James Comey told a Senate Intelligence Committee Thursday morning that he was “confused” and “increasingly concerned” about a “shifting explanations” President Trump gave for his banishment usually over a month ago.

When Trump dismissed him, he primarily forked to Comey’s doing of a Hillary Clinton email investigation, though afterwards after conceded it was since of his doing of a Russia review and claimed Comey was overseeing a discouraged FBI in disarray.

“So it confused me when we saw on radio a boss observant he indeed dismissed me since of a Russia review and schooled again from a media that he was telling, privately, other parties that my banishment had relieved ‘great pressure’ on a Russia investigation,” Comey said, referring to stating on Trump’s review with Russian officials in a Oval Office a day after a dismissal.

“The administration afterwards chose to denounce me, and some-more importantly a FBI” Comey said, by claiming a group was “poorly led.”

“Those were lies, plain and simple,” Comey bluntly told a committee.

He after pronounced one of a reasons he began memorializing all of his conversations with Trump — that he had not finished with President Obama — was since he “was overtly endangered he competence distortion about a inlet of a meeting.”

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“I knew there competence come a day when we competence need a record of what happened not usually to urge myself” though also a FBI, Comey added.

“My clarity is something large is about to happen. we need to remember each word that is spoken,” he pronounced of a memos he wrote.

Comey’s opening comments follow a recover by a cabinet of his created testimony on Wednesday, that ticked off in abounding fact a border to that President Trump pulpy him about a Russia investigation. Comey wrote that Trump did ask him for a “loyalty” oath during a one-on-one dinner and after asked him to skip a agency’s review into former inhabitant confidence confidant Michael Flynn.

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The boss has denied both those accusations. But Comey’s testimony so distant has usually reliable a many bombshell reports over a past few weeks about a private conversations he had with Trump, many of them rare and presumably inappropriate.

Comey told a cabinet he did see Trump’s ask for faithfulness from him — an eccentric judge atop a FBI — as a arrange of quid pro quo.

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“My common clarity told me what’s going on here is he’s looking to get something in sell for extenuation my ask to stay in a job,” Comey said.

He also pronounced that in a now-infamous print usually days after Trump’s coronation in that a boss shook his palm and embraced him, Trump whispered in his ear, “‘I unequivocally demeanour brazen to operative with you.'”

On Trump’s Feb 14 private review with Comey in a Oval Office — a day after Flynn was asked to renounce for dubious Vice President Pence over his conversations with a Russian envoy during a transition — Comey pronounced that he believed a boss was indeed directing him to skip a review into Flynn.

“I took it as a direction,” that he didn’t follow, Comey said. “I took it as, this is what he wants me to do.” Comey also combined that, during that time, Flynn was indeed in “legal jeopardy” over his ties and contacts with a Russians.

He remarkable that Attorney General Jeff Sessions attempted to dawdle in on that meeting, and he pronounced that it was his “sense” that Sessions “knew he shouldn’t be leaving.” According to Comey’s created testimony, he after told Sessions he didn’t wish to be left alone with Trump again.

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Comey did attest that he didn’t trust Trump was seeking Comey to stop a broader Russia review being conducted by a Bureau, though that while his review with him was “disturbing,” he didn’t “think it’s for me to contend that a review we had with a boss was an bid to obstruct.”

Comey pronounced he had indeed seen Trump’s twitter final month that he had “tapes” of their conversations — and that if those did exist, they would uphold his testimony.

“Lordy, we wish there are tapes,” he told senators.

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Republicans have already seized on one territory of Comey’s created testimony as vindication. The former FBI executive does fact how he did tell Trump on 3 apart occasions that he was not himself underneath review — a startling avowal Trump put in his stop minute to Comey.

It’s misleading how a White House will respond to Comey’s testimony, though it could come from a boss himself in real-time tweets. President Trump is approaching to watch a Comey conference with his outward counsel Marc Kasowitz and authorised team, a chairman tighten to a authorised group tells NPR’s Mara Liasson.