WATCH: Distracted Driver Hits Sinkhole, Fails To Mind The Gap

You substantially know a feeling: Sometimes while you’re roving by dull city streets during night, breeze defeat past as a lamps thread your trail forward, it can feel as if a really highway is opening adult before you.

Here’s a feeling we substantially don’t know: a highway literally opening adult before you.

For one hapless scooter supplement in a southwestern Chinese city of Beihai, that feeling is now all too real. Shortly before he arrived, a street’s crosswalk collapsed dramatically into a hole dozens of feet far-reaching — and, still some-more hapless for him, when he did arrive during a uninformed abyss, he appears to have been staring during his cellphone.

Which, as we can imagine, would make for a rather upsetting shock.

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The Chinese broadcaster CGTN held a impulse on notice footage final week and posted it Sunday on YouTube, where a British journal The Guardian also took notice. CGTN says authorities haven’t figured out nonetheless what caused a road’s collapse.

One thing is certain: The motorist is safe. Shortly after his plunge, he climbed behind to a aspect underneath his possess power, apparently unharmed.

But let that be a doctrine to us all, folks: Don’t look during your phone and expostulate — because, we know, a gaping black chasm could always be around a subsequent bend.