VIDEO: Get To Know The Bloodthirsty (But Cuddly) Vampire Bat

The strenuous infancy of bats are friends of humanity. They cackle adult a insects that punch us and hurt a crops. They pollinate flowers and they uproot forests by swelling seeds around. But as cultivation overtakes sleet forests and jungles, humans have come into dispute with one bat species: a common vampire bat.

In Latin America, vampire bats splash a blood of livestock. Very rarely, these bats agreement rabies. Before they die, they can widespread a lethal pathogen to pigs, chickens, cows — and even humans. The illness costs farmers in Latin America $30 million any year and kills dozens of people. In Mar of this year, a male in Brazil reportedly died of rabies after being bitten by a vampire bat.

Ranchers, whose livelihoods are threatened, wish a supervision to clean out this threat. But is murder a best march of action? Would a universe be improved though vampire bats? Is there anything that creates them value saving?

NPR’s scholarship YouTube channel Skunk Bear is all about rebellious wily questions. So we headed down to Panama to try and improved know a problem and this clearly sinister species.

In a circuitous limestone cavern, we encountered furious vampire bats. They have extraordinary powers — not only razor-sharp fangs, though a nose with infrared feverishness sensors that can detect a regard of issuing blood underneath a skin. They don’t only fly, they use their wings to govern an ungainly though effective trot on a ground.

A vampire bat runs on a treadmill

Credit: Daniel K. Riskin

In a tiny city only outward a mouth of a bat cave, we met a people and animals they chase upon.

And in a strew on a campus of a Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, we saw another side of a bats. Scientist Gerry Carter has spent years documenting how they provide any other in a really tellurian approach — hugs are a large thing. These small monsters frequently save a lives of their friends by pity food.

Watch a video to learn some-more about this startling species. And contention your possess scholarship questions to Skunk Bear here.

A vampire bat gives a amicable call.

Source: Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Credit: Gerry Carter