US Army Ordered Additional Counterfire Radar


The U.S. Army systematic additional AN/TPQ-53 counterfire radar systems, as announced by Lockheed Martin during 8:08 ET, Apr 24, 2017. Per a $1.6 billion order-dependent contract, Lockheed Martin will furnish some-more of a AN/TPQ-53 systems, privately designed to strengthen soldiers by counteracting rivalry fire.

Sites for surreptitious rivalry glow can be discovered, classified, tracked, and identified with a AN/TPQ-53. The radar complement works to support infantry in combat. It has a ability of possibly a 90 or 360-degree mode, a AN/TPQ-53 aids infantry by locating probable rivalry threats around them.

The radar complement has a module structure that allows for it to be updated for new forms of dangers, as minute by Rick Herodes, executive of Lockheed Martin’s AN/TPQ-53 radar program.

Our engineers can adjust a Q-53’s module to residence rising threats. Having control in a module allows discerning greeting to whatever comes next.

New rivalry threats come from a belligerent and air; a AN/TPQ-53 complement is designed with one tactical sensor that can be practiced easily. The sensor can yield for atmosphere notice and finding targets on belligerent for counterfire. With a system that can be changed quickly by a two-man team, soldiers use a inclination to negate a rivalry during battle.

The AN/TPQ-53 systems have been in prolongation given Lockheed Martin perceived a initial growth agreement in 2007. The association has sealed 5 some-more contracts and has finished over 100 radar systems. The Army has perceived 95 of those systems. This many new agreement will boost a Army’s sum AN/TPQ-53, to over 170.

Written by Carol Ruth Weber


PR Newswire: Protecting a Soldier: U.S. Army Orders More Q-53 Counterfire Radars from Lockheed Martin

Image Courtesy of Aberdeen Proving Ground’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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