UFC 214: Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones are during career crossroads

As for Jones, a quarrel represents a overcoming of his aged self and a successive emancipation of a new Jones.

Before a quarrel took place, Jones had unsuccessful an out-of-competition drug exam for heroin – it was suggested shortly after a quarrel had occurred.

It was a third turn that tangible this argument between a two, not prolonged in, Jones landed a howling leg flog to a side of his ageing foe’s head.

Jones went on to win that one.

If Lesnar is indeed critical of returning to UFC, Jones vs Lesnar is a quarrel a mma outfit will desperately try to make.

Jones’ yearlong cessation has ended, and a UFC put him right behind in a pretension shot with Cormier, who dutifully shielded a belt during a fickle ex-champion’s absence.

“I trust Jones can kick Cormier 8 out of 10 times-even 10 out of 10 times”, he said. From there, rest of a rough label shifts to FS1 during 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT before streamer to pay-per-view for a categorical card, that starts during 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.

Cormier competence not like that, though he understands there’s zero most he can do to change people’s opinions other than go out and kick his opposition on Saturday night. “Daniel Cormier has been one of a biggest sources of proclivity I’ve had in a final two, 3 years and we appreciate him for that and for pulling me to a aloft level”, pronounced Jones. Because if we demeanour during all a things we have finished in my career, I’ve finished it all, outward of violence Jon Jones. Jones kept a vigour on and a harm Cormier crashed to a canvas.

Lesnar vs Jones would be a flawless quarrel during a ideal time for both guys, and might be good value a wait.

Jones also told MMA Fighting that he’s dissapoint that Cormier referred to Jon as a “junkie”, and done references about a latter and prostitutes, So, clearly this has gotten personal for Jones. While Cormier has a clever wrestling background, Jones is learned with his punches and knees. Jones formerly degraded Cormier to urge his pretension during UFC 182.

“It’s unbelievable, man, it’s a surreal moment”, pronounced Jones, whose issues outward of a Octagon – including a hit-and-run incident, accusations of doping, and a army during rehab – had drawn some-more courtesy than his achievements inside of it.

A detriment for Cormier will see him perpetually relegated to second-best, and apparently that’s all it will take for Jones to squish a beef and finish a rivalry.


Look to a other side of a octagon and we see Daniel Cormier as rather of a “role model” for a sport, all while Jon Jones represents scarcely a finish opposite. Woodley has given fought Stephen Thompson twice, to a infancy pull in Nov 2016 and a infancy preference win in March. Cormier has to get this quarrel to a belligerent to win, he can’t win a standup conflict with Jones.

UFC 214: Cormier vs. Jones 2 Results