Uber Says Hackers Stole Personal Data Of 57 Million Users


Leaders during Uber hid a vital penetrate that unprotected a information of 57 million people – users and drivers – for some-more than a year. The company’s new CEO only reported that moment to sovereign officials and dismissed his employees in assign of a cover-up. Here to speak about this with us NPR tech contributor Aarti Shahani. Aarti, what happened?

AARTI SHAHANI, BYLINE: (Laughter) It’s breathtaking. Dara Khosrowshahi published a blog post currently after Bloomberg pennyless a story. He says only recently he schooled about a breach. It happened in late-2016 before he took over a company. He pronounced hackers managed to moment into an online protected and download some information, a names and driver’s permit numbers of around 600,000 drivers in a United States. And afterwards in terms of passengers – in terms of riders, hackers got names, email addresses, mobile phone numbers.

You know, we’re articulate 57 million victims total. Khosrowshahi pronounced that a association investigated, and they did not see any denote that things like outing plcae story or credit label numbers or bank comment numbers or Social Security numbers or dates of birth were stolen. But he also does contend that, we know, Uber should have sensitive regulators about it.

HU: Yeah. And this cover is also rather surprising. Tell us some-more about that.

SHAHANI: (Laughter) Yeah. This is utterly a detail. The male during Uber who was in assign of confidence – his name is Joe Sullivan – he lonesome it adult according to a Bloomberg report. He didn’t let supervision officials or a open or victims know. And we know, a conspicuous fact from a news is that Uber indeed paid a hackers a hundred thousand dollars, OK? They paid a hackers to undo a information and keep their mouths close about it.

Sullivan is a male I’ve interviewed in a past both when he was over during Facebook and afterwards during Uber. He’s a former sovereign prosecutor, a former open servant. And we know, he had an engaging proceed to his job. For example, he felt like it was OK for Uber to start regulating a sensors on drivers’ smartphones to lane how they drive, how they perform on a pursuit even yet many drivers were not wakeful of this use and didn’t like it. It turns out he didn’t feel an requirement to divulge to them that their information was taken either.

HU: So what’s function to him, this arch confidence officer you’re articulate about?

SHAHANI: Well, Uber let go of Sullivan and one of his lieutenants this week. And we consider Khosrowshahi is perplexing to send a summary to his employees and investors of, hey, we know Uber has had some unequivocally untrustworthy business practices, though unequivocally we are branch a dilemma here. And this is unequivocally deleterious news for Uber. The association only mislaid a vital interest over in London, OK? The courts there motionless Uber has been misclassifying their workers. Uber says everybody who drives for them is a contractor, not an employee. The U.K. justice found that to not be true, a authorised fiction. Uber is going to quarrel that ruling.

But it is an indicator of how regulators and courts around a universe are scrutinizing a company. And Uber – we know, it can’t take for postulated a business model. It’s not there anymore. And of course, we know, over in a U.S., Uber has been underneath inspection for remoteness violations, intentionally concealing a use from open zone workers who wish to umpire a association and whatnot.

HU: What about a victims, Aarti? What is Uber revelation a victims of this hack?

SHAHANI: Well, they’re doing what each association seems to do after a breach, what Equifax and Yahoo and others have done. They’re charity giveaway credit monitoring. Now, either or not that’s effective to retard temperament burglary – that stays to be seen. But it is a customary pleasantness these days.

HU: NPR’s Aarti Shahani vocalization to us from San Francisco. Aarti, appreciate you.

SHAHANI: Thank you.

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