U.S.! U.S.! Beyonce distinguished America’s World Cup win with a tradition jersey

The U.S. feat over Germany in a semi-finals was a third most-watched women’s football compare ever with 8.4 million viewers, trailing usually a USA-China final in 1999 and a USA-Japan final in 2011, U.S. Soccer said.

The women’s inhabitant group has also played countless friendlies in Birmingham in a past, though this coming would expected move thousands of soccer fans still buzzing over a teams World Cup win to a city. “Your republic is so unapproachable of all of you”, Obama tweeted from his @POTUS handle, hailing Lloyd’s three-goal performance. “Come revisit a White House with a World Cup soon”.

Working on small nap after a night of celebrating with family, friends and fans – a lot of “smiles, a lot of screaming, a lot of dancing”, according to Julie Johnston – a USA group took partial in a special eventuality put on by Fox Sports.

It wasn’t only associate soccer stars who were tweeting about a final. “There is zero like it. Go US!”

And it’s wise that she was watching.


While Samuel L. Jackson tweeted: “What’s a Over on a US ASSWHIPPIN’?!!!”


After formulating story on a pitch, a USWNT valid that no matter who we are or what we do, a success of a group can combine a republic for 90 minutes.

The United States Women's National Team celebrates with a prize after they kick Japan 5-2 in a FIFA Women's World Cup soccer championship in Vancouver British Columbia Canada Sunday