U.S.-Led Coalition Shoots Down Syrian Military Jet West Of Raqqa, Pentagon Says

The U.S. troops says it shot down a Syrian Air Force jet that forsaken bombs nearby U.S.-backed army in a quarrel opposite Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria.

According to a matter from a Pentagon, pro-Syrian regime army pounded a Syrian Democratic Forces-controlled city West of Raqqa, a de facto ISIS collateral a insurgent fighters were perplexing to take back. The bombings bleeding “a series of SDF fighters and pushing a SDF from a town.”

Two hours later, a U.S. Military pronounced it shot down a Syrian warplane, behaving “in common self-defense of Coalition partnered forces.”

U.S.-Backed Fighters Begin Offensive To Push ISIS From Its 'Capital'

Following a pro-Syrian army attack, a bloc called a Russian counterparts “to de-escalate a conditions and stop a firing,” according to a statement.

“The Coalition’s goal is to better ISIS in Iraq and Syria,” a Pentagon added. “The bloc does not find to quarrel Syrian regime, Russian or pro-regime army partnered with them, though will not demur to urge bloc or partner army from any threat. “

But Sunday’s eventuality signals a ascent dispute in a region, as a U.S. tries to better a Islamic State in a eastern partial of a country, as NPR’s Tom Bowman reports:

“I don’t remember this before, where we have U.S. army sharpened down a Syrian aircraft. But what we are saying is some-more pro-Syrian regime army relocating into areas where we have American advisors, where we have Syrian rebels.

They are relocating increasingly east, we have already seen a integrate of skirmishes between US army and Shi’a militias corroborated by Iran south of here. On a integrate of occasions, a U.S. had to use drones and warplanes to dispute these Shi’a militias to dispute an American training area for Syrian rebels.