Trump: ‘I Did Not Make, And Do Not Have’ Recordings Of Comey

President Trump shakes hands with James Comey, then-director of a FBI, during a accepting during a White House on Jan. 22.

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Pool/Getty Images

President Trump shakes hands with James Comey, then-director of a FBI, during a accepting during a White House on Jan. 22.

Pool/Getty Images

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President Trump gave a true answer on Thursday about either he has recordings of his private conversations with dismissed FBI Director James Comey — No.

The doubt of a existence of tapes arose on May 12, when shortly after banishment Comey, Trump tweeted that a former FBI executive “better wish that there are no ‘tapes’ of a conversations.”

That twitter seemed to come in response to a New York Times essay that pronounced that during a private cooking during a White House, Trump asked Comey for “loyalty.”

Comey testified to a Senate Intelligence Committee that he told a boss he would be “honestly loyal” and that a review done him “uneasy.” He also pronounced he orchestrated a trickle of information from memos he wrote about his recollections of private conversations with a boss to trigger a fixing of a special counsel, that did follow.

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At one indicate during his Senate testimony on Jun 8, Comey memorably said, “Lordy, we wish there are tapes.”

He added, “The boss certainly knows either he taped me, and if he did, my feelings aren’t hurt. Release a whole — recover all a tapes, I’m good with it.”

In a weeks given that May 12 tweet, Trump and his aides kept a poser alive, refusing to contend either such recordings indeed existed.

Trump was pulpy on it by ABC News match Jonathan Karl and other reporters during a press discussion on Jun 9.

Q: And we seem to be hinting that there are recordings of those conversations.

Trump: I’m not hinting anything. I’ll tell we about it over a unequivocally brief duration of time.

Q: When is that?

Trump: Okay. Do we have a doubt here?

Q: When will we tell us about a recordings?

Trump: Over a sincerely brief duration of time.

Q: Why not now? Are there tapes —

Trump: Oh, you’re going to be unequivocally unhappy when we hear a answer. Don’t worry.

“I consider a president’s matter around Twitter currently is intensely clear,” pronounced White House mouthpiece Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Thursday when pulpy by reporters on because a boss waited 41 days to transparent adult either he had any recordings of Comey.

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“You guys asked for an answer. He gave we one. He pronounced he would have it to we by a finish of this week, that he did. And over timing of that, we can’t unequivocally pronounce anything further,” Sanders said.

The House Intelligence Committee had requested that any tapes that competence exist be incited over by a White House by Friday, so a boss was adult opposite a deadline to broach an answer.

The president’s matter on Twitter went out only dual hours after Senate Republicans expelled a scarcely 150-page check to dissolution and reinstate a Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, and reshape America’s health caring system.