Tropical Storm Harvey Causes Catastrophic Flooding In Texas


Houston continues to knowledge large flooding as Tropical Storm Harvey stalls over East Texas. At slightest dual are dead, and it’s feared a genocide fee competence rise. We have contributor Gail Delaughter of Houston Public Media on a line now with a really latest. Gail, where are you? What are we saying around we right now?

GAIL DELAUGHTER, BYLINE: Well, right now, I’m in a area north of downtown Houston, and I’m nearby I-45. That’s a vital north-south track that runs by a city. And this territory of alley is vexed underground. And it’s totally flooded right now. It’s like a river. The water’s all a approach adult to a embankment. And we can’t even see if there’s any vehicles down there right now. Once a H2O drains out, who knows what they’re going to find down there?

But yeah, it’s a flattering extraordinary sight. Everybody in a area is going out to demeanour during it. And it looks like a river. You can’t even see there’s a turnpike there.

MARTINEZ: we know Houston’s on a coast. Right? They’re on a Gulf Coast, so we get your share of storms. Have we ever seen anything like this?

DELAUGHTER: Well, this is being compared to Tropical Storm Allison that happened 16 years ago. That was a many costly pleasant charge to strike a U.S. And there was large flooding all over a city. There was flooding in areas along bayous and waterways though also floods in low-lying areas of neighborhoods and places we didn’t expect. So a lot of people are comparing it to that. And that could be a sleet eventuality that lasts for a subsequent few days, so we could get even some-more H2O than what we gifted then.

MARTINEZ: We spoke to one of your colleagues during Houston Public Media a while back. He’s stranded in his apartment. He can’t move. Are we OK? Are we in a place where we can pierce around?

DELAUGHTER: Well, I’m in an area right now where I’m kind of during a high indicate of a neighborhood.


DELAUGHTER: we have a lagoon right down a travel from me that’s flooded over. And like we said, I’m only down a retard from I-45. But I’m in a high mark in a area like a lot of folks here. So it only depends on what your drainage patterns are. I’ve lonesome other floods here in Houston where we go into a area and many people are OK, and afterwards we find an aged unit formidable or a residence behind in a distant partial of a area that’s, we know, gifted devastation.

MARTINEZ: Now, there was no imperative depletion of Houston. I’m wondering, was there an bargain of how bad this competence be?

DELAUGHTER: It was done transparent all along that it was going to be a really bad storm. And people were – we know, it’s fundamentally left to a individual’s preference either or not they wanted to go to aloft ground. A lot of people are really informed with their neighborhood. They know it’s going to flood. But afterwards we have other people, too, who are maybe in low-income neighborhoods that don’t have a means to leave. So those are a lot of folks that knowledge problems given of these storms.

MARTINEZ: Does it demeanour like this would have been too most for any city to handle? we mean, it only seems so strenuous examination what I’m saying on screens around me.

DELAUGHTER: Well, in a neighborhood, we put out a sleet gauge, and we’ve gotten about 12 inches of sleet or some-more given 6 p.m. on Friday. So it – yeah, it would only be really formidable for any city to understanding with, generally given you’ve had so most growth in Houston. You have a lot of large-scale townhome developments going up, unit buildings. And that takes divided immature space for a H2O to drain, so that’s also played a cause in this.

MARTINEZ: And we mentioned how we were in a north partial of a city. Do we have any clarity of how a flooding has influenced other tools of a city?

DELAUGHTER: We’re saying right now only opposite pockets. There’s some areas out to a easterly and a eastern tools of Houston. I’ve lonesome floods out there before, and that’s removing some devastation. There’s Brays Bayou, another vital current that runs by a city, a lot of problems over there. They’ve historically had problems with flooding. Buffalo Bayou, a current that goes by downtown Houston, is good over a banks right now and, final report, was even covering adult a bridge, and that’s something we don’t consider we’ve seen before.

MARTINEZ: That’s Gail Delaughter of Houston Public Media. Gail, appreciate we really much, and greatfully stay safe.

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