Texas Officials Respond To Damage Caused By Tropical Storm Harvey


We lapse now to a categorical story, a torrential rains from Tropical Storm Harvey and flooding in East Texas. Ben Philpott of member hire KUT in Austin, Texas, is on a line. Austin is a state capital. Ben, we’re conference that there hasn’t been a concurrent response between a administrator and internal officials. What can we tell us about how they’re operative together right now?

BEN PHILPOTT, BYLINE: Yeah. There there was some confusion, we guess, maybe on Friday, in terms of depletion orders – a administrator observant that he positively suggested everybody who could, generally in Houston, get out, while internal officials had told people to preserve in place. And, of course, if flooding came in, stay off a roads. You know, now, of course, a concurrent bid is on any kind of rescue attempts. We’ve got a Coast Guard doing H2O rescues. We’ve got hundreds of opposite quick H2O boats from opposite a state that are entrance to Houston to collect people up. And, of course, now a mayor is revelation people – a mayor – law officials and a mayor – saying, we know, stay in your home. Get on your roof if we have to. If we need to be picked up, we’ll come get you.

MARTINEZ: We’ve been on reason here watchful for a administrator to speak, Greg Abbott. Do we have any thought because that’s been on reason for a bit?

PHILPOTT: Well, he’s only removing a vital briefing. You know, his lecture was ostensible to have begun around 11:30 internal time here. And there’s just, we know – again, with with one of a largest cities in a nation underwater, there’s only a lot to go over. we don’t trust that there’s anything, we know, over that function now.

MARTINEZ: we know we were ostensible to learn lessons after Hurricane Katrina. How have those lessons been practical here?

PHILPOTT: Well, we know, we consider a biggest one we see is indeed from Hurricane Rita, that strike a Houston area. They had – we know, over 100 people died in that hurricane. And a immeasurable infancy of them were attributed to people removing – we know, evacuating a city, people removing stranded on roads, not being means to get out. And so we consider that, we know, has led to internal officials there in Houston saying, we know, look, it’s – we can preserve in space. You know, Houston’s not getting, like, crazy hurricane-force winds. They are removing some localized tornadoes. But, we know, flooding is a large issue. And they’re only saying, don’t try to get out somewhere and get stuck. Stay where we are.

MARTINEZ: Ben, is a charge on a pierce during this point? Is there any service in sight?

PHILPOTT: No. It’s on a pierce though not in a approach that’s going to assistance anyone, generally Houston. we consider a final thing we was told is that it’s possibly kind of only still in a position where a immeasurable infancy of a H2O – a sleet – is attack a Houston area. Or it competence penetrate behind down into a Gulf a small bit. But afterwards it would come behind and strike Houston again. So zero good right now.

MARTINEZ: That’s Ben Philpott of member hire KUT in Austin. Ben, interjection a lot.

PHILPOTT: Thank you.

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