Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tops Billboard Chart Again

    Country-turned-pop luminary is still heading a US Billboard 200 draft with a manuscript 1989. On Wednesday even Nicki Minaj could surpass Taylor Swift.

    Released around dual months ago, a manuscript done this week another 375,000 units. Total sales of it have exceeded 3.36 million units as of now. With this 1989 has turn a second best-selling manuscript this year.

    Taylor Swift's 1989 Tops Billboard Chart Again

    Taylor Swift’s this manuscript has been on a series one position for 6 non-consecutive weeks in past 8 weeks. It sole 331,000 copies and 433,000 songs, though it is startling a manuscript has no tide sale. In fact a thespian has criticism streaming sites and even pulled out her catalog from Sppotify.

    On a second position is Minaj’s The Pinkprint. The manuscript debuted this week and grabbed a sale figure of 194,000 albums, or 244,000 “units” sold.

    Meanwhile, Billboard has done some changes in bringing out a tip list. It now depends 10 songs as equal to one manuscript section and likewise depends 1,500 online streams equals to one manuscript unit. It is pronounced this process of counting and creation a draft paint a some-more picturesque song consumption.

    However, it is to take note that manuscript sales have been on a solid trip and in a place a streaming and downloads have gained popularity.

    Last week a topper on Billboard draft was J. Cole’s 2014 Forest Hills Drive. This week it is on a fourth place with 135,000 sum sales units.

    Taylor Swift's 1989 Tops Billboard Chart Again 2