Stephanie Davis reportedly removed from Celebrity Big Brother House last night

Jeremy was nominated by everyone but Scotty T but he was the only one to choose Tiffany, after he took exception to the American reality star saying that he’d been mocking her.

“Mine is like slop”, while another, Jeremy McConell, told her “I will let you dig through my poo with a knife and fork”.

She said: “If Steph were to go home, I would have to say of course there’s going to be more opportunities to have fun with this handsome young boy”.

The shocking behaviour comes after Stephanie received a phone call from her dad who told her to have “dignity”.

And Stephanie appeared devastated when Jeremy learned he would be leaving – embracing him as she said: ‘No no no no no – I don’t want you to go’. You know what it is; it’s the sounds of kissing. Before heading up the stairs to leave the house, he gave Stephanie his necklace while she shouted that she loves him.

They both remain in the house for now, but somehow we can’t see this being the end of the story. “The highs and lows in there were insane, I can’t tell you how chaotic it was”, he said.

She’ll be lucky to get some of the housemates to play ball, of course, and can she really enforce such stringent measures on these hot-headed roomies?

Despite the rumors, Reece has said there won’t be an episode with him confronting McConnell.

Gillian already shook up the house by banishing the four most toxic housemates to her detox clinic when she made her dramatic entrance last night.

However, Michelle and Stu weren’t actually the first couple to consummate their “romance” within the walls of the “Big Brother” house.

The ex-Hollyoaks actress, who was sacked from the TV drama, tried to bust her way out of the Diary Room as she threatened to walk off the show, but she was consoled by Jeremy.

Irish model Jeremy McConnell is the least likely to win with odds of 60/1 and Gemma Collins at 50/1 and faring slightly better is Stephanie Davis at 40/1 with Bet365.

Celebrity Big Brother Gillian Mc Keith inspected the housemates poo and Twitter lost