Sixers articulate to Celtics about No. 1 altogether pick

The stupidity started when reports flush saying a Celtics were in critical trade talks with a Philadelphia 76ers about a No. 1 pick.

Boston has a No. 1 pick, and it’s been approaching GM Danny Ainge would take Markelle Fultz and have him as partial of – and ideally lead – their immature core into a future. The Celts were no compare for a star-studded Cleveland Cavaliers in a discussion finals, however, losing a array in 5 games.

The Lakers are not a usually group who is meddlesome in trade for Fultz. Since Boston already has a good indicate ensure in Isaiah Thomas, them being peaceful to pierce a collect creates a lot of sense. Meanwhile, a Lakers have listened from prospects they would like personification with Ingram.

Lonzo Ball and Markelle Fultz have perceived many of a seductiveness around a league, though Ford’s sources says that a Kansas product is a form of actor that Ainge gravitates towards most. When a C’s traded divided Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett in 2013, they did not accept their initial initial turn breeze collect from a Nets until a following year (2014).

When asked about competing opposite Ball, Fultz said, “I’m a competitor”.

Therefore, if zero else, a Celtics will be peaceful to listen to trade offers (or make a few phone calls of their own) to see about appropriation talent adequate to try and take that subsequent step towards a Championship.

Afterward, Fultz and his family had lunch with some of a Lakers’ coronet and also visited a new use trickery that will be denounced after this summer.


Jackson canceled a examination with a Celtics progressing this week, though Ford speculates it’s a pierce that Jackson done since a Los Angeles Lakers or Philadelphia 76ers would give him a incomparable role. In other words, they could follow Gordon Hayward or Blake Griffin but wanting to understanding possibly Avery Bradley or Marcus Smart, only by vouchsafing go of all their nonguaranteed contracts/free agents. The Celtics still have a Brooklyn Nets’ first-round collect in 2018 that will expected be a high collect subsequent draft, too.

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