Shawn Mendes Sings Out Against Domestic Violence [Video]

Shawn Mendes

Singing prodigy Shawn Mendes is singing out opposite domestic assault in his universe debate 2016. He has teamed adult with Paper Mate InkJoy to launch a company’s latest campaign, “Spread a Joy, Not Smears.”

Mendes’ latest video, “Treat You Better” was recently expelled and has over 8,451,397 views on YouTube. Friday night, Jul 15, in Boca Raton, Fla., a cocktail singing prodigy posted to amicable media, propelling a people in a Tropical State to stay hydrated in a high temperatures by celebration copiousness of water. He combined that he would see them after during his sole out concert.

In his new talk with “People” magazine, Mendes admitted he was a small shaken while sharpened a video for “Treat You Better.” Mendes is happy about a certain response from his fans. The cocktail star has seen a nauseous side of domestic violence, though he wanted to widespread a word to everybody to provide their partners better. The video finishes with a domestic assault toll-free hotline number. Mendes sings out opposite domestic assault since he feels physical and romantic abuse is always wrong. According to a singer, his video is about “Making certain couples provide any other right.”

The Paper Mate company’s latest product is a jelly coop that does not allegation as simply when writing, and it is called, Ink Joy. The general singing star will give fans a possibility to send any other hand-written records with a new ink jelly pens, during his recent tour. The word on amicable media is that one fan will be comparison to go on a date with Mendes, as a prerogative for essay a nicest note. The jelly ink coop dries adult to 3 times faster, and a pens come in a accumulation of colors.

The cocktail star resolutely believes in a “power of a created word,” so it was a no competition preference for a association to group adult with him. Mendes inspires people to be certain toward one another by his music, and he writes his lyrics with a Ink Joy jelly pens. Since 2014, he has been a partial of with his #notesfromshawn, as a approach to get people to be some-more confident than pessimistic. The Paper Mate association has pronounced publicly, on their website:

Shawn is a loyal disciple for swelling positivity by his lyrics and we are unapproachable that he uses ink jelly pens to enthuse his strain writing.

The debate hurdles fans to widespread a fun by pity their joyful messages with a singer, on possibly Twitter or Instagram with #spreadjoy. Fans usually have to take a design of a hand-written note with a jelly pens and post it on one of a dual amicable media sites and be certain to tab #spreadjoy and Paper Mate in a post. Mendes says that compelling positivity by his strain and having a clever impact on his fans has always been poignant to him.

His universe debate strictly started on Jul 15, so anyone attending one of a sole out shows will see a counter labeled, Spread a Joy to get a giveaway ink fun jelly coop and a notepad to share their joyous messages. There is also a website set adult called,, where fans have until a end of 2016, to enter a certain message. Two grand esteem winners will be selected, and one propitious fan will win backstage tickets to one of his concerts, and move 10 friends. The second grand esteem is, 3 fans will be comparison to spend a day with Mendes, along with 3 of their friends to widespread a joy.

Mendes uses his singing to foster positivity and mount out opposite domestic violence. It something that is really critical to him, swelling a summary that earthy or romantic abuse is not healthy for anyone.

By Katherine Miller
Edited by Jeanette Smith


Paper Mate ink Joy: Paper Mate partners with Shawn Mendes on his “Shawn Mendes World Tour.”
Just Jared Jr.: Shawn Mendes wanted to widespread a summary about domestic assault with “Treat You Better” vid #notesfromShawn

Top and Feature Image Courtesy of Ronald Woan’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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