Several Dead In Manhattan After Driver Plows Down Bike Path


And we continue a coverage of today’s conflict in New York City. A male in a rented pickup lorry killed during slightest 8 people and harmed some-more than 10 others when he gathering down a bike trail in reduce Manhattan.


BILL DE BLASIO: Let me be transparent that formed on a information we have during this moment. This was an act of apprehension and a quite villainous act of apprehension directed during trusting civilians, directed during people going about their lives who had no thought what was about to strike them.

KELLY: New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is vocalization there. He assimilated several other officials in a news discussion this afternoon, among them New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who pronounced a think seemed to act alone, and there is no ongoing threat.


ANDREW CUOMO: There’s no justification of that during this time, so there’s no reason to have any undue anxiety. You will see some-more confidence forces, though that’s usually since it’s an contentment of counsel and not a vigilance of anything else. And there will be continued investigation. And probity will be done.

KELLY: NPR’s Joel Rose is in New York, and he joins us now. Hi, Joel.

JOEL ROSE, BYLINE: Hi, Mary Louise.

KELLY: we wish we to travel us by a timeline of what happened in only a moment. But first, can we give us any refurbish on what we have been means to learn about this think now in military custody?

ROSE: Well, we don’t know too much. But NYPD officials tell NPR a think is 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov. A law coercion central says he was innate in Uzbekistan. According to open records, he has lived in Florida, Ohio and recently in New Jersey. But military aren’t observant most some-more about him during this point.

KELLY: OK, so we don’t have any thought in terms of ground during this point, zero specific we can pin down.

ROSE: No, not yet. Although, we know, there is a lot of conjecture about accurately what it was that he yelled as he got out of a truck. But we theory I’m removing a small forward of myself here.

KELLY: Some eyewitnesses are stating that he shouted Allahu akbar, that would be God is good in Arabic.

ROSE: Right. And military were asked about that during a press discussion progressing tonight, and they did not endorse it. But they contend that whatever he shouted, along with a tangible sum of a attack, have commanded that they’re treating this like a apprehension investigation.

KELLY: OK. Walk us by some of those sum of a tangible attack. This all started only after 3 o’clock there in New York.

ROSE: That’s right. Saipov was driving, military allege, a rented Home Depot pickup lorry into a bike line – contemptible – into a bike trail on a distant west side of Manhattan. There’s arrange of a two-way bike trail that parallels a West Side Highway. And he gathering his pickup truck, a military say, down that trail for roughly eight-tenths of a mile, distinguished a series of pedestrians and cyclists. Social media images showed deformed bicycles left in a roadway.

The truck, military say, finally exited a bike line around – a bike trail around Chambers Street in Lower Manhattan only a integrate blocks north of a World Trade Center site. That is where it collided with a propagandize bus. And afterwards Saipov emerged from a pickup lorry holding what incited out to be, military say, fabrication firearms – a particle gun and a paintball gun. Police contend that’s when he was shot and afterwards subsequently taken into custody.

KELLY: When we contend this happened unequivocally nearby a World Trade Center commemorative site – any stress to that that we know of?

ROSE: we mean, it’s tough to say. Certainly a World Trade Center site everybody knows is a site of a misfortune apprehension conflict in U.S. history. But this conflict began, we know, some stretch north of there around Houston Street and afterwards continued south down a west side all a approach to Chambers Street.

KELLY: Yeah.

ROSE: You know, so it’s not unequivocally transparent accurately because he finished adult where he did. But of course, we know, it was a flattering iconic location.

KELLY: And in a few seconds we have left – only to note that a Halloween march did go on tonight as scheduled in New York. Is that right?

ROSE: That’s right. And we know, only a few hours after a press conference, Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo went out to a march to, we know, uncover that they are not fearful and that New Yorkers should not be either, that we should go on and live a lives.

KELLY: OK. Thank you, Joel.

ROSE: You’re welcome.

KELLY: NPR’s Joel Rose stating from New York.

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