Samsung’s Latest Headache: Reports That Washing Machines May Explode

Samsung is confronting another large problem with one of a products — reports of bursting top-loading soaking machines.

The timing expected couldn’t be reduction serendipitous. Earlier this month, Samsung removed a new Galaxy Note 7 smartphone after dozens of users reported that a batteries exploded or held fire.

Both a consumer wiring association and a Consumer Product Safety Commission released warnings to consumers this week about intensity reserve issues with some washers. This comes after a class-action lawsuit in New Jersey by U.S. consumers who contend their machines exploded during normal use.

Consumer Product Safety Commission Recalls 1 Million Galaxy Note 7 Phones

Samsung says a emanate affects tip loaders made between Mar 2011 and Apr 2016, that “may knowledge aberrant vibrations” when soaking certain items. It’s not transparent accurately how many washers are influenced or either a problem is singular to machines sole in a U.S.

Samsung Recalls Galaxy Note 7 Over Exploding, Burning Batteries

Both Samsung and a CPSC contend they are operative together on a pill for influenced consumers, though they did not yield details.

They suggest that consumers with top-loading machines use a ethereal cycle and equivocate soaking really complicated items, such as comforters or blankets. “Lower spin speed in a ethereal cycle lessens a risk of impact injuries or skill repairs due to a soaking appurtenance apropos dislodged.”

In an email to NPR, Consumers Union, that is a process and movement multiplication of Consumer Reports magazine, says it has dangling a recommendation of Samsung’s top-loading washers “in a face of ascent consumer complaints of what they called ‘exploding machines.’ “

It adds, “We are not wakeful of information on any other Samsung products that would means us to re-evaluate the stream recommendations.”