Russia Draws A Line Across Syria After U.S. Shoots Down Syrian Jet

Russia says a barb systems in Syria will lane all in a atmosphere west of a Euphrates River as a intensity aim — including aircraft from a U.S.-led bloc — after a U.S. shot down a Syrian jet Sunday. U.S. officials contend a aircraft had struck America’s insurgent allies.

Russia also says it will postpone a appearance in a “deconfliction” line that was determined to forestall unconsidered clashes when Russia began troops operations in Syria’s airspace 20 months ago.

The proclamation by Russia’s Ministry of Defense comes one day after a U.S. Navy F/A-18E Super Hornet shot down a Syrian Air Force Su-22. The Pentagon says a Syrian jet was downed “immediately” after it forsaken bombs nearby fighters from a U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, who had been holding a city west of Raqqa as partial of an descent opposite ISIS.

“As a outcome of a attack, a Syrian aircraft was destroyed,” a Russian method pronounced Monday, adding that a commander ejected over an ISIS-controlled area and his standing is unknown.

It’s believed to be a initial time in 9 years that “a U.S. fight aircraft has shot down a manned rivalry aircraft in aerial combat,” The Aviationist reports.

On Monday, Russia’s Ministry of Defense indicted a U.S. of “a asocial violation” of Syria’s sovereignty, observant that Russian aircraft had also been carrying out fight missions in a same segment — and that a bloc didn’t use a deconfliction channels.

Raqqa sits along a Euphrates’ eastern bank; a aerial fight took place south of Tabqah, a city on a other side of a stream and about 30 miles to a west of Raqqa.

The new strife comes dual months after a U.S. launched a fusillade of Tomahawk missiles during a Syrian airbase that had hosted airplanes obliged for a chemical weapons conflict in Idlib province. Before that attack, U.S. officials sensitive their Russian counterparts.