Roundup Of The Week: Taxes, Sexual Harassment And Russia In The Politics Podcast

It was an scarcely bustling week on Capitol Hill.

The House upheld a taxation bill, mostly along celebration lines. Now it’s on to a Senate, where Republicans are tacking on a rollback of a Obamacare particular mandate.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified before Congress — again — and says his story about Russia contacts during a Trump debate “has never changed.”

Another cabinet hold hearings on a emanate of passionate nuisance on a Hill. That discussion was designed even before a new allegations of passionate bungle opposite Roy Moore, a Republican hopeful for Senate in Alabama, and now opposite Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn.

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Here are a highlights

Susan Davis on taxes: “Getting a initial chronicle of a check by a Senate is seen as a many vicious hurdle. Because there is extended certainty that if they can do that, they can get a check out of conference, and they can get that check to boss Trump’s table — yes, still by a finish of a year.”

Mara Liasson on Franken allegations: “[Franken] is unequivocally throwing himself on a forgiveness of a ethics cabinet here, in a approach that we haven’t seen other group indicted of this same kind of thing do.”

Scott Detrow on the mistrial in a crime hearing of Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J.: “There was this ubiquitous accord that if a politician is on hearing they’re substantially going to be found guilty since jurors are really sensitive to a thought of a hurtful politician. But there’s been a lot of justice rulings in new years that have increasingly narrowed what is tangible as corruption. And now we have cases where juries only can’t strech a verdict, or come behind observant not guilty. It’s an engaging shift.”

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Samantha Fields is a writer of a NPR Politics Podcast.