Rise Up Chicago and Pack a Courtroom


It is time to arise adult Chicago and container a courtroom for a arriving discussion for members of a Chicago Revolution Club.  Wednesday, Nov. 29 during 9:00 a.m., a discussion starts for 3 members of a Chicago Revolution Club who were arrested final summer.  It will be hold in Courtroom 303 during 555 W Harrison, Chicago, IL 60607.  They are charged with “interfering with a military officer.” This is a many critical category of misconduct and carries a chastisement of adult to one year in jail.

The box set for a discussion stems from arrests on Jul 21, 2017, when a Revolution Club dared to a challenge a Chicago Police Department’s 7th district’s unaccepted martial law in a South Side area where a military had been regulating roughshod over people, particularly those who had stood with a Revolution Club by wearing a club’s T-shirt and carrying out a call to “blow a alarm on military brutality.”

Two of these 3 bar members were arrested again in Aug for simply witnessing a military harass dual organisation outward a Revolution Club’s Organizing Center. Due to this, they face a second assign of “interfering with a military officer.” In a second case, a military were so indignant that bar members dared to come out of their bureau to declare them badgering people, that they incited their madness on a bar and arrested bar members who refused to leave. There is a hire discussion for this box that will be hold concurrently.Chicago

Rise adult Chicago.  The box going to discussion is a transparent box of a military suppressing domestic debate they do not like, generally debate that calls out a military intimidation, harassment, and savagery opposite those on a bottom of this society. On a day of a arrest, Revolution Club members had been hire on a path during a hours that military had told village people that they could not be on out on a path between a hours of 7 a.m. and 3 p.m.  This is an spontaneous martial law. When a initial bar member was arrested mid-morning, a military swooped in with 11 cars, regulating a stratagem that she had taped a handwritten pointer to a stick job on people to mount with a community.

The dual other bar members were arrested tighten to noon only as a convene was set to begin. This time some-more than a dozen military cars roared up. The rally was well-advertised in a community. Former Black Panther and insubordinate communist, Joe Veale, was scheduled to pronounce during this rally. However, it did not take place due to a preemptive arrests.

It is time for Chicago to arise adult and container a courtroom. These arrests are a transparent plea box to conflict a calm of a summary from a Revolution Club. However, this is a defilement of their initial amendment rights and a right of a people to hear this message.  Reportedly, during a press discussion to criticism these arrests, when vocalization to Carl Dix, co-founder of a Stop Mass Incarceration Network, and a orator for a Revolutionary Communist Party, a Commander said:

Alright, look, we am not going to let we dominate me in this. You have to pierce yourself from in front of a station. We done official arrests today. In my opinion as District Commander, yes, these arrests were lawful, authorised and within a law. This is not a military savagery conditions during all. The 7th district works tough during fostering relations within a community.  we consider what we are doing right now is totally discord to what’s going on in a streets.”

On a following day, a 7th District Commander was challenged by an profession who told him that he could not simply conceal debate he did not like.  He responded:

So we will do it legally, then! we will make each law we can find opposite this group.

The revolutionaries are being singled out to retaliate them and to send a summary to a people that this (and worse) is what will occur to we if they brave to join with a Revolution and mount adult to a military and a complement they enforce. This detain became a large amicable doubt in a village and beyond. Reportedly, a video of a revolutionaries being arrested, taken by a member of a community, was noticed by 92,000 people on Facebook.

Two other bar members were also arrested on Jul 21st and charged with violating a sound ordinance. Their charges have been dismissed.

The fact that a state is posterior these charges is really critical and should hint an outrage. The Revolution Club calls on all people of demur to conflict this conflict and to support a rights of a people in a area to peacefully arrange and a rights of a Revolution Club members to mount adult to an spontaneous martial law and control a convene to pronounce out opposite a military who have run amok on a South Side area but confronting arrest. One lady suffered a burst rib from her detain and dual of a 3 went to a sanatorium after release.

Please send letters, emails and call a State’s Attorney perfectionist that these charges be dropped.  Correspondence should be sent to a courtesy of Kim Foxx, Cook County State’s Attorney, 69 W. Washington, Suite 3200, Chicago IL 60602, by phone 312-603-1880 or email

Send copies to a Revolution Club during and call a bar during 312-804-9121. Additionally, donations can be taken, or sent, to a Revolution Club to assistance compensate authorised fees.  They are seeking Chicago residents to arise adult and container Courtroom 303 located during 555 W Harrison, Chicago 60607 during 9:00 a.m. this Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2017.

By Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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