Reporter: Blast Hit Arena Full Of Young Girls At U.S. Pop Star’s Concert


We wish to refurbish we now on an ongoing story – an conflict on a cocktail unison in Manchester, England. Police there Report 19 dead, another 50 or so injured. The explosions took place usually outward a locus where an American cocktail singer, Ariana Grande, had usually finished performing. Earlier we spoke with Andy Bounds of a Financial Times about what some-more military are observant about this occurrence that they contend they are treating as a militant attack.

ANDY BOUNDS: They still haven’t reliable it definitely, yet it seems very, really likely, generally as they’ve usually carried out another whole blast on a suspected device circuitously a stage of a incident.

CORNISH: As we said, it’s a second tranquil eruption that they’ve done. Can we speak about where they consider these explosions took place? It wasn’t inside a unison hall.

BOUNDS: No, that’s right. There’s usually one we know of, and that was about substantially 300 or 400 yards divided in a tiny park that is circuitously a unison gymnasium and a station. But a categorical blast happened within a corridor area of a unison hall. This is a really large arena. It’s got 21,000 capacity. It was apparently full tonight, generally with immature girls, as it was an Ariana Grande concert.

CORNISH: And so we have a full unison hall, concertgoers. You also have, we understand, a circuitously movement hire that is sealed for other separate reasons. So we have…


CORNISH: …Quite a few people logging about.

BOUNDS: Yeah, we consider it’s associated since a locus itself sits on tip of a station, that is one of a dual categorical stations in Manchester. And therefore they’ve had to tighten that hire since they obviously, we know, wish to make certain a area is secure before they can concede people into it. There’s utterly a large ring around a area now where people are not authorised to go in.

CORNISH: What does that demeanour like? Are people perplexing to make phone calls? Are we saying any of a injured?

BOUNDS: Well, we contingency admit, I’m not too tighten to a stage during a notation since it’s apparently happened really late during night here.


BOUNDS: And I’m usually perplexing to keep on tip of things from where we am. But obviously, we know, a reports that I’ve seen and a footage and so on – there are, we know, lots and lots of people perplexing to get divided still, people being treated during a stage and a substantial volume of confusion. You know, people are now being taken divided in ambulances to hospital.

CORNISH: You discuss a demographic of some of a concertgoers, this being American cocktail star Ariana Grande. But do we have a clarity of maybe relatives looking for immature people or how people are perplexing to classify themselves to contend they’re OK?

BOUNDS: There are people that still have not been means to get in to collect their children up. There are reports of several children being looked after in hotels until they can be reunited. And it appears as yet relatives who were watchful to collect their children during a finish of a unison might have been held adult in a blast itself that happened right during a finish as people were leaving.

CORNISH: That’s contributor Andy Bounds of a Financial Time (ph) stating on explosions in an conflict on a unison in Manchester, England.

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