Religious organisation tagged in drugs and harlotry in Bilibid

THERE’S MORE — A Philippine National Police Special Action Force commando inspects compress front players and other gadgets seized from inmates of a New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City during ‘Oplan Galugad’ a other day. A society of prohibite

MANILA, Philippines – (UPDATE – 2:21 p.m.) Two former Justice officials and missionaries intent in jail ministries are being investigated for their probable impasse in bootleg activities inside a New Bilibid Prison in Muntinlupa City, Justice Secretay Vitaliano Aguirre II pronounced Friday.

He declined to name a organisation presumably intent in drugs and harlotry though pronounced all eremite activities such as priesthood are criminialized until things lapse to “normal” during a pentitentiary. A society of taboo equipment including bootleg drugs and firearms have been confiscated and recovered from a jail trickery given a year ago.

Aguirre pronounced that a DOJ is now conducting review to know a border of a connectors of a drug lords inside a inhabitant penitentiary.

Aguirre positive he will form an inquisitive physique to control a examine on a matter.

“That’s because I’d like to interest to a public, to a lawyers to join us during DoJ”, he said.

The Secretary disclosed that he perceived this information from a boss of a non-government classification (NGO) and 3 jail guards who came to his bureau during a Department of Justice (DoJ) 10 days ago. NBP is one of a penal comforts being supervised by a Bureau of Corrections (BuCor).

Based on a report, Aguirre pronounced a bonafide eremite organisation that has a chapel inside a NBP entered a jail trickery with around 4 to 5 womanlike companions.