Reality Winner, Accused NSA Leaker, To Enter Not Guilty Plea

Reality Winner is charged with leaking U.S. supervision secrets to a reporter.


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Reality Winner, a supervision executive indicted of leaking a tip NSA news to a media, skeleton to enter a defence of not guilty, her counsel Titus Nichols tells NPR.

She hopes to be expelled on bond Thursday.

Winner, 25, works for a private contractor, Pluribus International Corp., in Augusta, Ga., and is an Air Force maestro who speaks 3 languages. She was arrested Saturday.

The sovereign supervision has charged her with “removing personal element from a supervision trickery and mailing it to a news outlet.” That material, presumably since of a timing of Winner’s arrest, is an NSA news about efforts by Russian troops comprehension to govern a cyberattack on an American choosing program company, as good as promulgation “spear-phishing” emails to internal choosing officials, only before a presidential election. That leaked news was a basement of an essay published Monday by The Intercept.

What We Know About Reality Winner, Government Contractor Accused Of NSA Leak

In a government’s rapist censure opposite Winner, it says it was means to lane her down as a leaker since The Intercept showed supervision officials a duplicate of a leaked document, that showed signs of carrying been folded. That led investigators to consider a request had been printed out. They contend they were means to slight down a source regulating a singular “microdots” in a printout, that brand a source printer, as good as a fact that Winner had been in email hit with a news outlet, reputed to be The Intercept.

The Intercept has come underneath critique in a final few days for exposing a unknown source by display a supervision a duplicate of a leaked report.

Winner’s lawyer, Nichols, would not endorse that his customer was a source of a leak.

“There’s not most to criticism on right now as distant as either there is a tie between my customer and Intercept,” Nichols said. “I know that there is papers present on a Internet and all else, though as distant as petrify proof, we’re only not during that stage, yet.”

In new months, President Trump has railed opposite leakers, earnest to find them and prosecute them. In this, he’s not opposite from his predecessor; a Obama administration prosecuted an rare series of sovereign employees for leaking information to a news media.