Raiders kick Titans 17-10 with offense not during Oakland’s best

“It felt good”, pronounced Joseph, who had a game-high 10 tackles. It was his initial rushing touchdown on a season. Tackle Taylor Lewan was flagged for nonessential harshness on a Tajae Sharpe locate that would have given them a initial down on a 3-yard-line and Andre Johnson was called for descent pass division on a touchdown locate a few plays later.

The Raiders conduct into Sunday’s diversion opposite a Titans with a top-ranked offense. That tops a 1,330 yards authorised by a 1961 Raiders and ranks eighth-worst in NFL story given during slightest 1940 by 3 games, according to Pro Football Reference. Musgrave didn’t dial adult a run play until a fifth play of a expostulate when Latavius Murray found some using room adult a center for a 22-yard touchdown for a 7-to-3 lead. He reeled off a 36-yard run with a Titans corroborated adult nearby a possess finish zone, and he capped a 93-yard expostulate by outracing a span of Oakland defenders around a right side to a finish section for a 5-yard TD with 5:51 left in a third quarter. Tennessee has not won uninterrupted games given a finish of a 2013 season.

In 3 games, he’s thrown 4 interceptions and 4 touchdowns while losing dual fumbles.

Cooper in sold usually snagged 4 of 9 targets – nonetheless Carr in partial was to blame, as he was a bit off currently (leading guys too far, throwing behind on point routes).

One of a large factors in Oakland’s defensive fall has been a miss of impact from Khalil Mack.

Walker missed dual of a Titans’ 3 practices this week including Friday’s session.

Once again, however, that doesn’t explain divided a issues Tennessee has had in their other games this season. It isn’t since teams are personification softer defense; a games have been within strech so forestall invulnerability isn’t being played.

Tennessee Titans parsimonious finish Delanie Walker (hamstring, questionable) will comfortable adult early to see if he can play opposite a Oakland Raiders in Week 3. The Raiders have also committed no turnovers and authorised only one sack. Tennessee has mislaid 14 of their final 15 games during home. “It’s tough to finish balls opposite them”. Douglas pleaded for a pass division call, though a referees did not give in.


As Marcus Mariota continues to develop, carrying a actor like Murray who can do a small bit of all will be a outrageous help.

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