Radio Replay: Fresh Starts

A immature Maya Shankar.

Courtesy of Maya Shankar

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Courtesy of Maya Shankar

A immature Maya Shankar.

Courtesy of Maya Shankar

In 2006, Derek Amato suffered a vital concussion from diving into a shoal swimming pool. When he woke adult in a hospital, he was different. He detected he was unequivocally good a personification piano.

Derek is one of only a few dozen famous “sudden savants” or “accidental geniuses”—people who tarry serious conduct injuries and come out a other side with special gifts for song or math or art. We were skeptical, so we brought Derek into a studio and asked him to play. He can’t review song or even play “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” though a song he improvises is beautiful. In this episode, Shankar talks with Derek and dual experts to try to know his low-pitched transformation.

Then, we speak with Maya Shankar. As a immature girl, Maya was good on her approach to a earnest career as a exemplary violinist. The famed Itzhak Perlman had taken her on as his private tyro during The Juilliard School during a age of 14, and she was supposed to his prestigious summer module on Shelter Island.

But not prolonged after, she harmed her finger while personification a formidable territory of Paganini’s Caprice no. 13. She tore a tendon in her hand, putting her low-pitched career to an black end.

As an adult, Maya has reached a new apex in an wholly opposite field. At a age of 30, she was named a comparison confidant during a Obama White House, operative to emanate improved process regulating insights from behavioral science. It’s a new calling, and one she couldn’t have expected during Juilliard, where she dreamed of being a unison violinist. What followed in a days after her low-pitched career finished was an implausible clarity of loss.

“I was unequivocally ravaged to remove something that we was totally in adore with, and so ardent about, and that had unequivocally constituted such a vast partial of my life and my identity,” she says. “I was initial and inaugural a violinist.”

On this Radio Replay, we demeanour during branch a page and starting anew.

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