Police Shooting Of Unarmed Black Man Leads To Protests In San Diego Suburb

On Tuesday, a military officer in a San Diego suburb of El Cajon, Calif., shot and killed an unarmed black man, sparking protests in a area.

El Cajon military Chief Jeff Davis pronounced Tuesday night that military were on a stage since a man’s sister had called 911, stating that her hermit was “not behaving like himself,” Andrew Bowen of member hire KPBS reports.

After military arrived on a scene, Davis said, a male drew an “object” from his pocket, “placed both hands together on it and extended it fast toward a officer, holding what seemed to be a sharpened stance.”

One officer on a stage liberated a Taser. Another officer — a one who “had a intent forked during him,” Davis says — “simultaneously” dismissed a gun, sharpened a male several times.

Police have not pronounced what a intent was, though they have reliable it was not a weapon.

A bystander began streaming video on Facebook Live in a issue of a shooting, recording a distraught lady observant she was a one who called 911 seeking assistance for her mentally ill brother.

“I only called for help, and we came and killed him,” she said. “Oh my God, we killed my brother. we called these people 3 times to assistance him.

“He’s sick, he needs help,” she pronounced by tears. “I told we guys he’s sick. You guys came and killed my brother.”

Some witnesses pronounced a man, whose name hasn’t been released, had his hands in his atmosphere as he was shot, while military pronounced he was indicating a unclear intent during a time.

Police in El Cajon do not wear physique cameras, The Associated Press reports.

“Police do have a cellphone video of a incident, as good as footage from circuitously cameras, though they contend they’re not creation a videos open until they’re no longer deliberate justification in a investigation,” Bowen says.

The military contend a cellphone video was supposing voluntarily.

After a shooting, dozens of people collected in El Cajon for protests that a AP described as “angry though peaceful.”