‘Pearl Harbor’ trends on Twitter after U.S. soccer feat over Japan

The United States won 5-2.

Sunday’s World Cup feat in Vancouver, British Columbia was a initial for a USA women given 1999 and avenged Japan’s delight over a Americans in a 2011 championship match.

Carli Lloyd netted a marvellous hat-trick, with a third of her goals anticipating a net with an brazen throw from a half-way line.

While other users were display there annoy by fasten it to a atomic bombing on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, pronounced “Someone forgot to tell U.S. Women s group that we a self’s annoyed Pearl Harbor”.

But many strike behind about a ambience of a comments, observant that a Women’s World Cup football compare should not have anxiety to those chronological events.

But as a goals flew in and Carli Lloyd $10 bills flooded amicable media, hundreds, if not thousands, of people busied themselves creation nonsensical references to a win being “revenge” for a tragedy, creation Pearl Harbor trend on Twitter.


Topsy, a analytics tool, shows that “Pearl Harbor” was tweeted some-more than 50,000, though a discerning peek down a list of tweets shows that a larger suit of people seemed to be pessimistic that a word itself was trending – rather than fasten in a xenophobic fun. “Hiroshima isn’t amusing. Nagasaki isn’t amusing”. They are not something to be distinguished during a soccer match. “Why can’t we all only watch a diversion and cheer?”

Americans call World Cup feat over Japan “revenge for Pearl Harbor”. Nagasaki