Parents Speak Out, Say FBI Arrest Saved Son On Verge Of Joining ISIS

Life altered as Sadiik Yusuf knew it about dual years ago, when a FBI seemed during his front doorway in Minneapolis to tell him his son Abdullahi had been stopped during a airport, suspected of perplexing to house a moody that would take him to Syria to quarrel with ISIS.

“My pursuit has always been to dump Abdullahi off during propagandize and to collect him up,” Sidiik told a organisation of village leaders final week during a assembly during a U.S. Attorney’s Office. “But that day, around noon there was a hit on a door. It was a FBI and we was asked if we was Abdullahi’s father and a FBI agents hold out a picture.”

That’s how it all began for Sadiik Yusuf and his family: with a knock, a photograph, and a remarkable fulfilment that their son, now 20, was being lured to Syria by a murky organisation few during a time satisfied was targeting immature Muslims in Minneapolis.

“As a family it was a really formidable day, it was a intolerable and offensive day,” he pronounced by an interpreter, vocalization publicly for a initial time about what his family has endured. NPR was a usually news classification present.

The assembly where Yusuf spoke out is partial of a a broader bid by a Justice Department to remonstrate relatives of immature people who competence be radicalizing not to keep a changes they are seeing to themselves. If they see something, they should contend something.

He Was Caught Trying To Join ISIS, Now He's In Jihadi Rehab

Attempt To Curb Recruiting

Justice Department officials, like Minnesota’s U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger, are convening meetings like this to see if they can hint a grassroots pull to quell ISIS recruiting efforts.

Law coercion sources tell NPR that dozens of immature people from a Somali village in Minneapolis have been lured by ISIS and have presumably left Minnesota, been stopped perplexing to leave, or are underneath review for presumably formulation to do so.

The Yusufs are a initial family in a village to pronounce publicly about a experience. And they are going a step further. They are seeking relatives in their position to tell authorities if they think kids are descending underneath ISIS’ spell.

In a matter of months, Abdullahi Yusuf he went from normal comparison in high propagandize to pleading guilty to wanting to assistance a militant group. He is still available sentencing and is a usually immature male in America to have been enrolled in a jihadi reconstruction module directed during removing him to know since he fell underneath ISIS’ spell in a initial place.

U.S. District Judge Michael Davis of Minneapolis authorised Abdullahi Yusuf to take partial in a jihadi reconstruction module after he pleaded guilty final year to a devise to join ISIS.

Jeff Baenen/AP

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Jeff Baenen/AP

U.S. District Judge Michael Davis of Minneapolis authorised Abdullahi Yusuf to take partial in a jihadi reconstruction module after he pleaded guilty final year to a devise to join ISIS.

Jeff Baenen/AP

Given a spin of events, it wouldn’t be startling if Sadiik Yusuf and his family harbored rancour toward a people who have put his son behind bars. This is a twist: Yusuf is not angry. He went before a village to contend he believed a FBI saved his boy’s life.

“One hundred percent for sure, if he was not stopped or arrested that day he competence not have lived today,” a elder Yusuf told a group. “One hundred percent for sure.”

Suspicion In Somali-American Community

As a ubiquitous matter, a Somali-Americans in a Twin Cities are questionable of a government’s intentions. Some have told reporters that they trust a ISIS cases in Minnesota are drummed up, a outcome of assertive FBI secular profiling and elaborate entrapment schemes.

Others contend they don’t trust militant are recruiting in a U.S. All this, in annoy of a fact that progressing this year half a dozen immature Somalis from a Twin Cities – including Sadiik’s son – pleaded guilty to perplexing to go to Syria to join ISIS and a jury found 3 of their friends guilty of terrorism crimes associated to their efforts to go and fight.

Minneapolis Unveiling Plan To Counter Recruiting By ISIS

“Communities like a Somali village in Minneapolis have a story of uneasy and careful relations with law enforcement,” says Quintan Wiktorowicz, one of a founders of Affinis Labs, a association that, among other things, works to opposite aroused extremism in communities. “So for one of a fathers and his family to come out in that kind of assembly is a really singular experience. It’s important. There are a lot of probable lessons other families can reap from this.

For Somalis In Minneapolis, Jihadi Recruiting Is A Recurring Nightmare

Countering Extremism At Home

Counter-terrorism officials have come to a end that a best approach to better ISIS recruiters isn’t on a battlefields of Syria, it is in communities in a U.S. That means that instead of rounding people adult and impediment them, authorities are looking during alternatives to extensive jail terms and contrast impediment programs.

“This has got to be about some-more than identifying intensity prosecutions,” President Obama’s tip terrorism advisor, Lisa Monaco, told NPR. “If we don’t have devoted relations with communities there’s no approach a family, a brother, a sister, a coach, a clergyman are going to be means to say, this child looks like they are going down a wrong path, how do we help?”

Monaco says a Obama administration is stepping adult appropriation for internal programs that give parents, and kids, options before they go so distant down a trail of radicalization that bringing them behind is some-more difficult.

Sadiik Yusuf, for his part, considers himself lucky. Two of his son’s friends who managed to leave Minnesota to join ISIS have died fighting in Syria.

“Today [Abdullahi] lives within a Twin Cities. we revisit him. we assistance him. The whole family helps him,” his father tells a group. “Because he was stopped, since he was arrested, that is since he is alive today.”