Pakistani Father lets 5 year aged daughter to reason AK-47 in sequence to broach warning to India

It doesn’t matter how bad a father is, though he can never put his child in danger.

Wait, this doesn’t request to few people.

Well, we are articulate about a father who authorised his 5-year-old daughter to reason an AK-47, in sequence to broach a hatred debate opposite India.

He not usually authorised his lady to reason a gun though also dismissed after a hatred speech.

Father, after uploaded a shave on amicable media, where it got slammed by thousands of users.

One user wrote “The new era of Pakistan binds pivotal to the future. Sad they are being poisoned”, while another wrote “Really crazy. Now this 5 or 6-year-old thinks this is a fondle to play with and this can outcome in a tragedy later”.