Out Lesbian TV Psychic Miss Cleo Is Dead At 53

Harris, 53, was surrounded by family and tighten friends when she died in Palm Beach, Florida, pronounced profession William J. Cone.

“She remained a post of strength throughout”, a matter read.

However, there was during slightest one night that we can tell we that Miss Cleo was decidedly not gratified to know me. Miss Cleo initial came to inflection personification a Jamaican impression in 90s penetrating informercials, and gained most celebrity by her unaccompanied catchphrase “Call Me Now!”.

Although a commercials stopped airing years ago, many of them still live online on YouTube. “I was during Best Buy one day, and a lady said, ‘Miss Cleo, aren’t we ostensible to be on a phone?’ we said, ‘Honey, do we unequivocally consider that we do that while I’m roving and doing press?’ we said, ‘You have a improved possibility of articulate to me right here than we do if we called”. She was recently hospitalized, though was eliminated to a hospice core final week.

“I’m a unapproachable voudou woman”, a Herald essay quoted her as saying. In 2006, she came out as a lesbian in an talk with The Advocate, though also took a event to residence her durability recognition in a interview.

“She had no Jamaican accent – she was innate and lifted in L.A.”, a former expel partner told a paper.

But when lawsuits started to mountain opposite a network and a Fort Lauderdale-based primogenitor company, with callers angry they were overcharged, a Miss Cleo impression left from late night TV.

Harris, a face of a operation, faced false business use charges, though a state profession general’s bureau forsaken them.

Harris was indeed innate in Los Angeles, a fact that came to light after a Federal Trade Commission went after Access Resource Services, or ARS, a association behind a hotline. “Her voice kept me association during many a late-night infomercial insomnia attack”, posted one user.

Asked if Harris was indeed psychic, Crawford pronounced that Harris did seem to know “some things about me that nobody else knew though my mother”. As a vividly colored credentials swirled or candles burned, Miss Cleo would lay and yield warn to mostly humble callers.


“She was not Jamaican when we met her”, Crawford said.

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