#NPRHotPot: Share Your Food Memories With Us

NPR’s Ari Shapiro common this Instagram story of a cucumber plate that reminds him of his childhood summers in Oregon.

Ari Shapira/NPR

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Ari Shapira/NPR

NPR’s Ari Shapiro common this Instagram story of a cucumber plate that reminds him of his childhood summers in Oregon.

Ari Shapira/NPR

What we eat and how we ready a food tells a story about who we are, where we’ve come from and what we caring about. Our food also connects us to other people — family and friends with whom we share a meals. That’s because a favorite dishes mostly stir adult clever memories of people we love.

Over a subsequent month, NPR’s The Salt and Goats and Soda blogs are teaming adult to benefaction 6 brief cooking videos. Each video will underline one plate done by one chairman who shares with us a memories they associate with a dish.

We know a assembly feels that approach about food, too. That’s because we’d like for you to share with us a memory about a plate that we love.

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Post a video or print on Instagram or Twitter with a hashtag #NPRHotPot from now until Aug 1. We’ll accumulate some of a favorites and post them on Some of them might even offer as impulse for destiny videos and stories.

When we was a child my Lola Sabel used to make this bone pith soup plate that we would eat over rice. Even on prohibited summer days we’d have this plate as a meal. Now bone pith is branch adult in imagination restaurants, yet to me it will always remind me of Lola and family dinners during her house. My parents, titas, titos, cousins, and grandparents all underneath one roof pity a plate when we didn’t have most income yet we had any other. Last night we had a bone pith spinach gnocchi plate during @bestiadtla that reminded me of those dinners with my family as we distinguished a 19th annual 21st birthday of @faithsantilla with a selected family. Making some-more memories and stuffing a bellies with deliciousness that I’ll supplement to my bank of loving memories. #nprhotpot @nprfood 📷 by @waxstyles #tfalpodcast

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Get creative

You can make your acquiescence as imagination or lo-fi as we want. We are looking for photos, videos, drawings, aged photos, anything visual. NPR’s Ari Shapiro, for example, posted this Instagram story of a cucumber plate that reminds him of his childhood summers.

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Make certain we tell us what a plate is, where it comes from and what memories it evokes. If we feel so inclined, share a recipe. And don’t forget a hashtag #NPRHotPot! Kim Boral from The Filipino Food Movement, an classification that raises recognition about Filipino cuisine, explains because creation lumpia creates her feel during peace.

Kim of FFM here. One of my favorite ways to share my credentials is by food storytelling. Post one of your favorite dishes and a story/memories behind it. Use hashtags #filipinofoodmovement #nprhotpot so we can share your stories. — My kind of self caring — When we were kids, we would assistance ready lumpia for parties or usually to keep in a freezer. we have memories of eating a “reject” creatively done crepe like coupling for lumpiang sariwa (fresh lumpia) for parties. And carrying to apart a thawed open hurl wrappers for lumpiang gulay (vegetable lumpia) and lumpiang shanghai. The best partial was when my father would grill a ripped wrappers for us to break on. . As we got older, we started assistance hurl a lumpia. And infrequently be a usually one rolling a lumpia, while my mom done a filling. When my cousin, Chef @acboral, started creation his sinigang lumpia, we was also right there rolling lumpia. we was recently blank a ambience of home so we done my chronicle of my mom’s lumpiang gulay (though hers doesn’t have usually veggies – she puts belligerent pig and shrimp lol). Though it takes a lot of work/time to clout all a veggies and hurl a lumpia by myself, we feel during home/at assent – my kind of self caring #lumpia #storytellingasanactofresistance

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Here’s some impulse from amicable media. We demeanour brazen to saying what we all share with us!