Nightmare Scenario: Concert Security Experts Grapple With Lessons Of Las Vegas

A perspective of a Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, unaware a Las Vegas Strip.

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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Drew Angerer/Getty Images

A perspective of a Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, unaware a Las Vegas Strip.

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Tens of thousands of people will accumulate this weekend for a Austin City Limits Festival, a two-week song festival about a mile from downtown Austin.

“It’s gonna be a safest partial of a city to be in during both weekends, usually since of a perfect series of officers that will be present,” pronounced Brian Manley, a arch of a Austin Police Department, during a press discussion this week. Manley pronounced a dialect will have officers inside and outward a festival, with heightened courtesy to threats from outward a gates.

“We wish folks to come out, we wish we to suffer yourself,” he said. But he also warned that “we live in a universe now where we can't strengthen opposite each singular threat.”

Las Vegas Shooting Update: At Least 59 People Are Dead After Gunman Attacks Concert

That was done all too transparent to military in Austin and opposite a nation on Sunday night, when a deadliest mass sharpened in new U.S. story left 58 people passed and tighten to 500 harmed during a nation song festival in Las Vegas. It was a usually latest conflict on a song venue, after a mass sharpened during a Bataclan museum in Paris in 2015, and a self-murder bombing outward an Ariana Grande unison in Manchester in 2016.

The Las Vegas sharpened is a chilling sign that vast open concerts sojourn a soothing target. And a courtesy is still grappling with what lessons it should pull from a massacre.

“A calamity scenario” is a approach Chris Robinette described Sunday’s attack. Robinette is a boss of Prevent Advisors, a confidence bend of Oak View Group, a association that advises vital sports and party venues. The shooter dismissed from a 32nd building of a Mandalay Bay hotel, that is distant from a unison site by a vital widespread highway. Robinette likely that a gunman’s stretch from a eventuality would force outward venues to compensate some-more courtesy to intensity threats from outward a gates.

Las Vegas Massacre Raises Questions About Hotel Security

“f we’re articulate about outward events, it’s critical that we consider about adjacent buildings,” Robinette said, including “rooftops and balconies and things where threats competence now originate, that they didn’t historically come from. So that’s apropos a very, really applicable emanate during this point.”

But a conflict also underscores that there’s usually so most a unison courtesy can do to strengthen vast gatherings.

“It’s unfit to secure them to a indicate when we can forestall any kind of aroused attack, and still be permitted to a public,” says John Cohen, a former counterterrorism coordinator during a U.S. Department of Homeland Security who’s now a highbrow during a Rutgers School of Criminal Justice in Newark. He argues that it creates some-more clarity to try to forestall attacks by improved military work, and some-more team-work with a public.

“You could build aloft fences, shade people some-more extensively as they come in. You could’ve put some-more military inside and around a venue,” Cohen said. “And zero of that would have stopped this attack.”

At slightest one confidence consultant thinks there’s another doctrine a unison courtesy should take from a Las Vegas shooting.

“The conditions was done worse by a disaster to try to leave people, and presumably save a life or two, or forestall injuries,” pronounced Paul Wertheimer, co-founder of Crowd Management Strategies, a organisation that advises unison venues.

Wertheimer has complicated YouTube videos that members of a assembly available in a moments during and after a sharpened during a Route 91 Harvest Festival, and he was dumbfounded by what he saw.

Jason Aldean  Route 91 Harvest Festival: The Basics

When a gunfire begins, superstar Jason Aldean stops singing and runs offstage. The lights go dark.

“And zero happens, as distant as a crowd. No direction. No lighting. no pre-recorded message. Nothing to assistance a throng find protected breakwater or shelter,” pronounced Wertheimer. “Nothing was said, and 23,000 people were literally left in a dim as they were being shot during that. That’s what dumbfounded me.”

In a pell-mell moments that followed, Wertheimer says, it’s easy to see how people could have gotten hurt. Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo reliable that some of a injuries postulated on Sunday night were a outcome of trampling, or resulted from concertgoers perplexing to shun from a venue. But it’s still misleading how many were hurt, or if any of their injuries were fatal.

Las Vegas Village, a site of a Route 91 Harvest Festival, is owned by MGM Resorts International, a same association that owns a Mandalay Bay hotel. A orator did not respond to requests for comment.

Wertheimer argues that a festival and venue should have supposing aflame exits and could have used available audio or video messages to indoctrinate a throng on how to shun in a some-more nurse fashion, yet he concedes there’s no pledge those measures would have saved lives.

“There are dangers in each step in a horrific conditions like that,” Wertheimer said. “But doing zero is substantially about a misfortune we can do.”