New Orleans Takes Down Statue Of Gen. Robert E. Lee

Workers ready to take down a statue of Robert E. Lee in New Orleans on Friday, a final of 4 Confederate-related monuments slated for removal.

Gerald Herbert/AP

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Gerald Herbert/AP

Workers ready to take down a statue of Robert E. Lee in New Orleans on Friday, a final of 4 Confederate-related monuments slated for removal.

Gerald Herbert/AP

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A soaring statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee no longer stands over a city of New Orleans.

The hours-long routine of stealing a statue of a Confederate ubiquitous who symbolized Southern insurgency in a Civil War finished late Friday afternoon as a derrick carried a statue from a perch. Below, a mostly jubilant throng shouted “Take him down, take him down!” and “Hey, hey, good-bye!”

Lee’s statue had been a tie there given 1884.

One More To Go: New Orleans Takes Down Civil War General's Statue

It is a final of 4 Confederate-era monuments that New Orleans had affianced to mislay amid a whirl of controversy. Lee’s was a many distinguished of a 4 — a 20-foot bronze statue atop a roughly 60-foot-tall mainstay in Lee Circle.

Workers Take Jefferson Davis Statue Off Its Pedestal In New Orleans

Mayor Mitch Landrieu began pulling for a monuments’ dismissal in 2015 after Dylann Roof massacred 9 black Charleston churchgoers. The New Orleans City Council authorized a pierce after that year.

Under Cover Of Night, New Orleans Begins Dismantling Confederate Monuments

On Apr 24, a relic to a lethal 1874 white supremacist overthrow was a initial to come down. A integrate of weeks later, a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis was taken away. And on Wednesday, a statue of Confederate Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard was removed.

In what a Times-Picayune reported as “a ardent defense” of a dismissal of a Confederate statues, Landrieu pronounced a Confederacy was “on a wrong side of humanity.”

“These statues are not only mill and metal. They are not only trusting remembrances of a soft history. These monuments applaud a fictional, sanitized Confederacy; ignoring a death, ignoring a enslavement, ignoring a apprehension that it indeed stood for,” he said.

But clearing out a monuments has been rarely controversial. Contractors have perceived genocide threats, and Landrieu told The Washington Post that scarcely each heavy-crane association in southern Louisiana was also threatened.

The initial 3 removals took place in a dim of night; workers wore slam jackets as protesters both for and opposite a routine picketed nearby. The statue of Lee — who surrendered a Confederate Army to Union Gen. Ulysses S. Grant in 1865, effectively finale a Civil War — was a initial to be taken down in a light of day.

In his remarks, Landrieu pronounced a monuments were put adult in what he termed “the cult of mislaid cause.”

“This cult had one idea and one idea only: by monuments and other means to rewrite history, to censor a truth, that is that a Confederacy was on a wrong side of humanity,” Landrieu said.

“So now is a time to come together to reanimate and to concentration on a incomparable task,” he added, “making this city a pleasing phenomenon of what is probable and what we as a people can become.”

As for what will occur to a statues, The Associated Press reports a city is soliciting proposals from nonprofit and supervision entities and has so distant gotten offers from several open and private institutions.

Certain conditions apply, however; a statues can't be displayed outdoor on open skill in New Orleans.

And where a monuments once stood, open art and an American dwindle are among a pieces that will reinstate them.