New Mayor Of Ventura, Calif. Faces Wildfires The Day After Taking Office


We’ve been tracking this large wildfire in Ventura, Calif., that has consumed some-more than 50,000 acres – thousands of homes. At one point, a abandon came within blocks of Ventura City Hall, that is where Neal Andrews usually got a new office. He was sworn in as a new mayor of Ventura usually about 3 hours after a heat pennyless out on Monday night. And he is on a line now from Ventura. Hi, Mayor Andrews.


KELLY: What a week we are having.

ANDREWS: (Laughter) Yes, it was usually remarkable. we got sworn in. As we walked out of City Hall, all a lights of a city went out. And that was a initial denote that we had a genuine predicament happening.

KELLY: Did we know that there was a heat during all. we mean, did we know what was causing it?

ANDREWS: we was wakeful that there was a fire. We were underneath a sense it was distant easterly of us and that it was usually about 2,000 acres. But it usually – a abandon were driven by a wind. The abandon and fume was horizontal. And it was usually extraordinary a speed with that that heat spread.

KELLY: Can we smell it? Can we see it where we are now?

ANDREWS: At this point, no. On Monday night as we went home, and we could see a red glow. And subsequent thing we know, we looked out a window, and literally a abandon were entrance opposite a shallow right down towards my house.

KELLY: You’ve had to leave your residence since. Is that right?

ANDREWS: we did. we have not been means to get behind since.

KELLY: Now where are we vocalization to we from right now?

ANDREWS: You’re vocalization to me from a puncture operations center. We indeed literally have kind of a mini city gymnasium set adult here. All of a puncture services that we need are here regulating a operations that are required to understanding with this crisis.

KELLY: And what is a stream situation? How tighten are a flames? How fast is it stability to widespread from what we can see?

ANDREWS: Well, we’ve mislaid 150 to 200 structures during a minimum. But we know it’s an underestimate. We know that one whole community, in a hillsides, has not unequivocally been countered effectively. And it could be as high as 250 some-more houses adult there. And we don’t know accurately how they’re counting these structures. For example, we had a 74-unit unit building that burnt to a ground. Do we call that 74 vital structures? Or do we call that one structure? We’re still operative on things like that.

KELLY: Thousands of people have evacuated. Where are we promulgation them?

ANDREWS: Well, we have several sites that we’re promulgation them to. Principally, a categorical site is during a Ventura County fairgrounds. And dual adjacent cities have shelters open. And we still have room for some-more evacuees if we need it.

KELLY: Well, Mayor Andrews, we wish we luck. Before we let we go, what happened to your house?

ANDREWS: Well, as distant as we know, it’s still there. The thing about it is a breeze drives a embers and so forth. They can skip from one residence a integrate of blocks to a subsequent residence and skip over houses and things like that. So we usually have to keep a fingers crossed.

KELLY: Well, Mayer Andrews, we wish we luck. And appreciate we so most for holding a time.

ANDREWS: Well, by all means, and appreciate we for your good wishes.

KELLY: That’s Neal Andrews, a new mayor, as of Monday, of Ventura, Calif.

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