Muslim-American Trump Supporter Remains Hopeful After Speech In Saudi Arabia


Lastly, we wanted to get viewpoint from a Muslim American who says she voted for Donald Trump. Asra Nomani is an romantic and a writer. For example, she’s has orderly demonstrations to concede women to urge in a categorical sanctuaries of mosques rather than in apart women’s sections. She’s a author of “Standing Alone: An American Woman’s Struggle For The Soul Of Islam.” And she’s with us now from her home bureau in Falls Church, Va. Asra Nomani, interjection so most for vocalization with us once again.

ASRA NOMANI: Oh, appreciate we so much, Michel.

MARTIN: Now, you’ve voiced a perspective that Islam does have a problem with terrorism. Today, President Trump said, quote, “that this is not a conflict between opposite faiths, opposite sects or opposite civilizations. This is a conflict between barbarous criminals who find to erase tellurian life and decent people all in a name of religion.” Now, some people reacting to this debate currently are conference this is a vital change from his tongue on a debate trail. we wanted to ask we how do we conflict to it?

NOMANI: Well, we was listening unequivocally carefully. You know, utterly honestly, we was a small bit ill to my stomach on Saturday examination a regalia on a jubilee of President Trump’s attainment in Saudi Arabia. And what we listened is a difference where President Trump pronounced that means overtly opposed a predicament of Islamic extremism.

What is critical to me is that he went into a swell of a savage and in a crazy approach valid to me, again, his arrange of sinful genius. He went there. He did a sword dance. He got a golden necklace, though he had before him heads of states of all of these countries that need to be partial of a resolution and noticing that there’s an ideological problem inside of a village that’s a predicament of a day is what he presented to them. And that was song to my ears.

MARTIN: Back adult for a minute, we pronounced that we were ill to your stomach when we saw a resplendence and business of a Saturday arrival. And because ill to your stomach?

NOMANI: I’ve lived for my whole lifetime with this nonconformist ideology, and that has come out of a supervision of Saudi Arabia. The Saudis have depraved and brainwashed a minds of whole generations given a 1970s with their Wahhabism. And this is a ultimate art of a understanding that we wish Donald Trump will be means to lift off – incentivize this nation to discharge this ideology. That is my dream in terms of because we expel my vote. Like, it’s not pretty, and that’s because we concurred this that we was only ill to my stomach yesterday. But we sojourn hopeful.

MARTIN: That’s author and Trump believer Asra Nomani vocalization to us from Virginia. Asra, interjection so most for vocalization with us.

NOMANI: Thank we so much, Michel, and assent to everyone.

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