Music Teacher Jailed for 14 Years after she determined attribute with 13 year aged boy

A music teacher, who forcefully done adore with a 13-year-old student and that too in a day time, is now jailed for 14 years.

It has been reported that a 34-year-old, Briana Travis, a former song clergyman at Webster Middle School in a Chicago, certified a crime.

The justice listened a box and systematic a jail of 14 years for an inapt passionate attribute with an underage pupil.


The kid’s father after pronounced in a speak with media “It’s kind of disheartening. When we send your kids to propagandize we feel they should be safe, masculine or female”.

An review bureau privileged that they primarily suspicion that Travis competence have a attribute with other students as well, and if she was found guilty, she would have jailed for around 180 years.