Mum pleading for assistance after daughter started sneezing some-more than 8,000 times in a day

Sneezing one, dual or in worse condition 10 times in a day is ok, though 8,000 times in a day, is something that nobody can believe.

But this is loyal story of Ira Saxena.

Her mom told to a internal news that all was primarily excellent until one day when her daughter woke adult sneezing. And given then, she has not stopped.

Mother Priya Saxena, has nonetheless taken her to many specialists, private clinics though a outcome is negative.

One alloy believes that a reason behind this continual sneezing could be some ‘incorrect vigilance being sent from her brain’.

However, no one can contend anything with surety.

Her mom is now pleading assistance over internet, if anybody has any thought about this condition.