More than 100 Afghan soldiers reported killed during northern base

Dressed in army uniforms, during slightest 10 Taliban rivalry had breached a infantry domicile in Mazar-i-Sharif, eventually murdering some-more than 140 soldiers, according to a latest estimates by officials. Anonymous officials yet contend during slightest 140 were killed and some fear a genocide fee could be aloft than 200.

The conflict was cursed by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and Afghan CEO Abdullah Abdullah among others.

Coalition infantry were told to “shelter in place” during a lethal six-hour conflict on an Afghan Army bottom in northern Afghanistan on Friday, as fewer than a dozen Taliban militants massacred roughly 200 troops.

From Jan 1 by Nov 12 prior year, 6,785 Afghan inhabitant confidence army were killed, according to a latest quarterly news of a special examiner ubiquitous for Afghanistan reconstruction.

The Taliban shortly claimed he attack.

Ghani expelled a matter online condemning a lethal conflict and job it “cowardly”, and a work of “infidels”.

The Prime Minister pronounced a terrorism is a common rivalry and a hazard to assent in a region. “Otherwise, how can someone conflict a vast infantry bottom with such complicated security?” “They killed a lot of my friends, we jumped out of a window to survive”, he said. Another Balkh official, who spoke on a condition of anonymity since he was not certified to pronounce to a news media, pronounced 137 soldiers had been killed.

Gen. Mohammad Radmanish, emissary orator for a Defense Ministry, pronounced a militants entered a bottom in Balkh range regulating dual infantry vehicles and pounded army crew inside a compound’s mosque.

The Nato-led infantry bloc deploys advisers to a bottom where a conflict occurred to sight and support Afghan army though bloc officials pronounced no unfamiliar infantry were harm or killed.

“More afterwards 135 are killed and many some-more wounded”, he said. “This was opposite all tellurian and Islamic values”, he said.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani announced Sunday would be a inhabitant day of anguish for a soldiers killed.

The NATO Resolute Support Mission also cursed a attack, job it reprehensible.

General John Nicholson, a tip U.S. commander in Afghanistan, praised Afghan commandos for bringing a “atrocity to an end”.

“We reaffirm a continued joining to work closely with a Afghan supervision and a tellurian village in a quarrel opposite a flay of terrorism”.

The agency’s research of information from USA army in Afghanistan “suggests that a confidence conditions in Afghanistan has not softened this quarter”.

The conflict came only dual days after Defence Minister Abdullah Habibi visited a bottom during a outing to Balkh.


This is a second such conflict on a secure trickery in new months. It also came 5 months after a self-murder bomber managed to enter a categorical USA infantry bottom during Bagram, nearby Kabul, murdering 4 people.

Afghanistan bottom militants attack