More Than 10 Years After Alleged Sexual Assault, Bill Cosby Trial To Begin

Bill Cosby leaves after a pretrial conference in his passionate attack box final month during a Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pa.

Matt Rourke/AP

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Matt Rourke/AP

Bill Cosby leaves after a pretrial conference in his passionate attack box final month during a Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pa.

Matt Rourke/AP

Lawyers for Bill Cosby will get their initial glance on Monday of intensity jurors who will confirm a predestine of a 79-year-old comedian in his rapist hearing on passionate attack charges in Pennsylvania.

Cosby has confirmed his ignorance in a face of 3 transgression depends of aggravated faulty attack over a 2004 confront during his suburban Philadelphia mansion.

Now, after one and a half years of hearings, a hearing is finally about to begin, pitting a story of Andrea Constand opposite Cosby’s defense.

The charges are a first-degree felony, and if a jury convicts Cosby, he could be punished with adult to 5 to 10 years in prison.

The jurors are approaching to hear about a personal tie that stretches behind years.

Cosby and Constand met some-more than a decade ago while she was operative for Temple University’s women’s basketball team. Constand noticed Cosby as an familiarity and career mentor.

On a night of Jan. 4, 2004, Cosby invited Constand, afterwards 30, to his home in Cheltenham Township, Pa.

What occurred that night has prolonged been in dispute, yet prosecutors contend it amounted to rapist passionate assault.

The hearing was set in fit some-more than 10 years after that night since of a ask by Associated Press contributor Maryclaire Dale.

Dale filed a fit to unseal depositions of Cosby responding questions from investigators over 4 days in 2005. The conversations were partial of a polite lawsuit that had been settled.

WHYY will cover a hearing on a new podcast “Cosby Unraveled.”

In 2015, a decider unblocked a bombshell document, unleashing a call of allegations from some-more than 50 women who came brazen with their possess accounts of purported neglected passionate advances by Cosby.

The sovereign judge, Eduardo Robreno, fit a recover by observant that Cosby’s positioned himself as a “public moralist,” that infused a depositions with genuine open value, something value some-more than safeguarding Cosby’s privacy, Robreno wrote.

Not prolonged after, prosecutors in suburban Philadelphia announced rapist charges opposite Cosby citing a new information that flush from a open recover of a deposition. The charges were handed down only days before Pennsylvania’s government of stipulations for a charges was set to expire.

According to justice documents, Cosby gave Constand 3 pills to relax during a confront as she confided in Cosby about a probability of withdrawal a women’s basketball team, a awaiting that caused her most distress. Later in a polite lawsuit, she pronounced she had suspicion a pills were herbal medicine.

Cosby pronounced that a pills were Benadryl and that a passionate hit that night was consensual.

After swallowing them, Constand’s knees started to bend and she began to remove consciousness, according to justice documents.

“I don’t hear her contend anything, And we don’t feel her contend anything. And so we continue and we go into a area that is somewhere between accede and rejection. we am not stopped,” Cosby pronounced in a deposition about a encounter.

Around 4 a.m., Constand removed feeling sore. She pronounced her garments and undergarments were in disarray, according to her polite suit.

Constand left Philadelphia after a finish of a deteriorate and changed to Ontario, Canada, where she began her training to turn a massage therapist.

Prosecutors devise to put Constand on a mount to retell this story.

Legal experts contend Cosby’s invulnerability group will expected try to poke holes in Constand’s story to try to make her demeanour unreliable. Lawyers might prominence how she waited some-more than a year to news a occurrence to police.

“That can lead to an evidence that this only never happened,” pronounced David Harris, a law highbrow during a University of Pittsburgh. He pronounced Cosby’s authorised group sees it this way: “It was a fetish of her imagination or she done it adult in sequence to extract income from him since a chairman who was intimately assaulted would not act that way.”

Harris pronounced prosecutors can indicate out that victims of passionate attack mostly have many reasons to not news something right away, not slightest of which, in this case, is Cosby’s celebrity and power.

Celebrity, though, didn’t stop a dozens of other women from publicly accusing Cosby of passionate attack or misconduct. And one of them is awaiting to take a mount to supplement to what Constand has to say.

The second accuser’s story is critical, says Laurie Levenson, law highbrow during Loyola Law School in Los Angeles.

“What they’re going to concentration on is that this was a signature crime, that Cosby had a sold approach of drugging his victims and afterwards carrying sex with him,” Levenson said. “So even a testimony of one person, one additional person, is enough.”

Last week, Cosby pennyless his overpower and talked on a SiriusXM radio program. Cosby pronounced he doesn’t devise to attest in his trial. The uncover also aired a shave of his daughter claiming that injustice has played a vital purpose in a case.

“Could be. Could be,” Cosby replied when asked either he agrees.

Shortly after, he elaborated on either he thinks secular disposition was a cause in his prosecution, saying, “I only truly trust that some of it might really good be that.”

The idea of a interview, says Northwestern University Law Professor Deborah Tuerkheimer, was to make Cosby demeanour like a victim. She adds a talk was partial of a accordant bid by Cosby’s invulnerability group to try to change a optics forward of a trial.

“I consider a wish is that if open opinion shifts outward of a courtroom, that percolates into a courtroom,” Tuerkheimer said.

But before opening arguments begin, experts contend a charge forward will be challenging: settling on 12 independent-minded fact-finders to lay on a jury.

“In a high-profile case, one of a biggest worries are jurors with an agenda. Sometimes it’s an bulletin of, ‘I’m going to save Bill Cosby. we consider he’s a hero.’ Sometimes a bulletin is: ‘There are too many celebrities removing divided with these crimes.’ So both sides have to worry about that,” pronounced law highbrow Levenson.

Then there’s a emanate of acid for jurors who have not consumed some of a entire news coverage of Cosby’s rapist charges. How are prosecutors and Cosby’s invulnerability group going to find jurors who don’t have thoughts about a allegations even before Cosby’s stairs feet in a courtroom?

“But remember,” pronounced David Harris, law highbrow during a University of Pittsburgh. “That’s not a test. The exam is either we can get 12 people who will say, ‘I haven’t done adult my mind, and we can be fair.’ “