Minecraft is removing full Oculus Rift support soon

In a post on a Xbox Wire blog, a organisation pronounced a rollout will occur in a subsequent few weeks and will be giveaway to those who already possess a Minecraft Windows 10 edition.

And a work is not done: shortly we’ll be introducing add-ons that let we dramatically cgange a manners of a game, and, in a entrance weeks, we’ll capacitate support for a Oculus Rift, giving players a whole new viewpoint on their favourite game. Windows 10 Edition beta, it’s singular to a latest and biggest Windows refurbish from Microsoft, and now it’s going to give PC players a outrageous advantage.

Minecraft’s arriving Oculus Rift launch will follow adult on a new introduction of Gear VR support for a mobile reflection Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Mojang’s Oculus Rift proclamation arrives on a initial anniversary of Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition’s initial beta release, and a studio outlines countless project’s new milestones in a contemplative blog post.

Microsoft has been pulling Minecraft gameplay in practical existence flattering tough lately. They will be means to burst right in and start personification Minecraft in a approach they have never played it in before. Again, no word on an accurate recover date.

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