Mexican Politician Channels Frank Underwood, Prompting Snark From Netflix

A former mayor in executive Mexico channeled Frank Underwood to broach a debate that echoed, scarcely word for word, an meaningful promotional video for Netflix’s House of Cards.

“Imitation isn’t always a best form of flattery,” a central House of Cards Twitter comment pronounced in response.

But Miguel Angel Covarrubias Cervantes has denied allegations that he “plagiarized” a speech, observant he was clearly referencing a show, as a approach to pull attention.

“I consider Mr. Underwood has helped us go a small viral,” he told a Mexican newspaper.

Cervantes is scheming for a domestic debate in 2018, Univision reports.

The strange debate was delivered by Kevin Spacey, as a malignant illusory boss Frank Underwood, whose divergent deeds are during a heart of House of Cards. Underwood is sitting in a Oval Office and staring true during a camera.

Cervantes delivered his chronicle in a some-more medium office, though with identical thespian lighting.

“They contend we get a leaders we deserve,” Underwood says. “America deserves a personality who’s not fearful to demeanour we in a eye and tell we what he believes. … I’m peaceful to work with both sides so that we all get what we want.

“They contend that we have a supervision we deserve,” Cervantes says in Spanish. “Mexico deserves something bigger: a chairman who isn’t fearful to demeanour we in a eye and tell we what he thinks. … I’m prepared to work with whomever is required to grasp what we all want.”

But there’s one really notable eminence between a dual videos. The Netflix chronicle is intercut with scenes of Underwood enchanting in, well, unpalatable function … like murder.

The camera doesn’t vary from Cervantes as it zooms in on his honest face.

In a House of Cards version, there’s a dim turn as Underwood, after a swell of scenes of malice and cruelty, intones, “I consider America deserves Frank Underwood, and in your heart we know I’m right.”

There was no apparent irony as Cervantes said, “Now is a start of this good story.”

Netflix didn’t seem too bent out of figure over a video.

The response twitter featured a video of Underwood’s arch of staff, Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly), revelation a people of Mexico, “It’s not a competition.”

The shave finished with a turn on Underwood’s line, “There is usually one rule: Hunt or be hunted.”

“Solo grain una regla,” Netflix wrote. “Copiar, or ser copiado.”

Copy — or be copied.