Matthew Bourne’s ‘The Red Shoes’ Casts Spell during Ahmanson

Red Shoes

Matthew Bourne’s fascinating theatre chronicle of “The Red Shoes” expel a enthralling spell during a American entrance Tuesday, Sept. 19, during a Ahmanson Theater in Los Angeles. British choreographer and executive Bourne is famous for importance on storytelling and artistic retelling of exemplary stories in innovative full-length dance museum presentations.

“The Red Shoes” as staged by Bourne takes a exemplary movie’s tract – a brave ballet fan favorite – and elevates it. The uncover still serves as a tale about a immoderate passion compulsory to make art. However, it is so good done, it does not need believe of a tract or even a adore of ballet.

Mashing Up Old and New

Bourne’s Olivier Award-winning (the British chronicle of a Tonys) chronicle of “The Red Shoes” is a ideal instance of his art as good as a talent of his company, New Adventures. The uncover creates a many of a gifted display that offers a multiple of amusement and athleticism, a thespian score, dance styles (ballet, tango, ballroom, and more) crush ups, and good cast.

Bourne successfully total a tract of a 1948 Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger film with song organised by Terry Davies regulating song taken from Hollywood scores by Bernard Hermann (“Citizen Kane,” “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir,” and even “Fahrenheit 451”). The “Red Shoes” ballet within a uncover is still formed on a Hans Christian Andersen fairytale.

The “Red Shoes” dancing is exquisite, either a ballet numbers (which embody a dash of “Les Sylphides”), ballroom scenes, or unnatural swimming beachside. But, besides beauty and dance ability, Bourne’s unit has free behaving ability. They give their roles believability over a common ballet mime movement that moves a story along distant some-more than their feet.

Complex Story and Staging

The tract starts with Vicky Page, an determined ballerina, anticipating to stir a Svengali-like impresario and ballet association executive – Boris Lermontov. Vicky snags his attention. He invites her and Julian Craster, a aspiring immature composer, to join his company. An damage to a star ballerina, Irina Boronskaja, gives a ingénue Page her chance. This leads Lermontov offers her a starring purpose in his new ballet, that ends a initial act.

Under Lermontov’s eye, a new ballet star and a composer comprehend their gifts. Page receives her carmine pointe shoes. While a despotic Lermontov urges herto concentration only on her ballet, Page falls for a desirable composer. In time, a fascinated ballet boots poke her off change and turn a dancer’s nightmare, forcing her to select art or love.

Red ShoesThe expel switches off during opposite performances for this demandingly earthy full-length dance show. The opening night expel was stellar. The enchanting Ashley Shaw is a pleasure as Page, display her extensive dancing talent and believability as a worried lover. Dominic North, as Craster, is aspiring and delightful, quite in a pas de deux with a piano when devising and constructing his score. Sam Archer is reasonably authoritarian, tranquil and determining as Lermontov. Of a rest of a gifted troupe, Michaela Meazza stands out as a superb prima ballerina.

The set and lighting also star here and propel a plot. Lez Brotherston combined a mobile curtained proscenium arch that seamlessly swivels and dances between front and backstage, permitting a expel to slip between operation and opening scenes. The lighting by Paule Constable also moves a movement between contented romance, elegant elegance, and a nightmarish windstorm. Between them both and Brotherston’s fun costumes, a uncover morphs London into Monte Carlo and Villefrance-Sur-Mer, exemplary ballet into beach bathing, glamor and tatty grunge.

Matthew Bourne’s ‘The Red Shoes’ will continue to expel a spell during a Ahmanson in downtown Los Angeles until Oct. 1. The prolongation afterwards moves to Washington, D.C.; Charlotte, N.C.; and New York City.

By Dyanne Weiss

Performance Sep 19, 2017
Center Theatre Group
Los Angeles Times: Matthew Bourne and a U.S. premiere of ‘The Red Shoes’: ‘Art is important, it’s value fighting for’

Photos of Matthew Bourne’s prolongation of “The Red Shoes” by Johan Persson and pleasantness of Center Theatre Group. Top, Ashley Shaw. Insert, Shaw with Dominic Nortb.

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