Massive Flooding Continues In Houston As Harvey Stalls Over East Texas


Tropical Storm Harvey continues to dump sleet on Houston, Texas. Those rains have resulted in impassioned flooding that has left one chairman passed in a city. On a line now from Houston is NPR’s Marisa Penaloza. Marisa, where are we right now, and what are we seeing?

MARISA PENALOZA, BYLINE: Hi. we am during a shelter. It’s called Aldine Education Center. People are being housed, easeful in a gym. we was told by a preserve manager that there are 400 people inside. It looks flattering crowded. There are dozens and dozens of people outside. And people only keep entrance in – full families. The infancy of them are from a surrounding areas, I’m told. I’m in a northern partial of a city. And to get it here, it took me – a outing should have been 25 minutes. And it took me about dual hours to get here…

MARTINEZ: Oh, man.

PENALOZA: …Because we was perplexing mixed combinations – mixed roads. A lot of flooding all around.

MARTINEZ: How dangerous were a roads?

PENALOZA: Well, we was – we had to spin around many times since there were – since ramps were blocked off. And afterwards from a highway, we could see that, we know, full neighborhoods are in water. we saw a lot of cars only incidentally abandoned, we know, some on a median of a road, some on a side, some in a center of a highway – just, we know, plain abandoned. So not many people are driving. And that’s a good thing.

MARTINEZ: Yeah. Yeah.

PENALOZA: Yeah. So it’s not really safe. And a sleet continues to come. It’s flattering complicated during times.

MARTINEZ: And we mentioned you’re during a shelter. What’s a conditions there? Are there adequate – is there adequate room to residence people who breeze adult there?

PENALOZA: It seems to me that they’re full. The manager wouldn’t endorse that. He pronounced that there are about 400 people. we spoke with a family who was indeed leaving. They came in about 2:00 a.m. And they’re going to a hotel, and they were revelation me that they’re withdrawal since they’re regulating out of cots. People are starting to nap on a floor. They’re starting to nap sitting down in a hallways. It’s a flattering heated conditions here.

MARTINEZ: That’s NPR’s Marisa Penaloza. Marisa, appreciate we really much.

PENALOZA: Thank you.

MARTINEZ: And NPR will continue to move we updates from Texas via a day and in a days ahead.

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